UE BOOM – Is Your Music Ready To Get Social?

Ultimate Ears, a brand of your familiar Logitech has recently introduced UE BOOM which was supposedly the World’s First Social Music Player. The grand idea behind this invention was to help you rage, riot, party and play the music you love out loud. It’s designed to make the most of digital music’s convenience and at the same time making it social and less of a solitary experience.


Our PR host for the evening explained that UE BOOM is fundamentally the first wireless, battery powered speaker to offer 360-degree sound. Its versatile go-anywhere shape is wrapped in a specially developed acoustic skin that is both water and stain resistant so you can enjoy your music anywhere you go. The acoustic skin feels like fabric and warms up easily to touch – quite a nice, fuzzy feeling.


To prove her point on UE BOOM being a very durable player, our speaker from Logitech poured water over her UE BOOM and deliberately dropped it a few times! Ouch ….heartache.


Well, at that was how I felt initially. It soon became pretty fun to abuse our poor social speaker.


If those chilli sauce and mustard gets onto our clothes or electronic devices, it’s going to take a hell lot of effort to have them removed. Let’s check out if it is really stain resistant.


Yup, the sauces ran off its surface without any additional scrubbing.


To maximise the full function of the UE BOOM, you will need to download the free UE BOOM App that’s available for both iOS™ and Android™. The app also offers a comprehensive user guide on the basic functions.


As well as how to pair up to 2 devices and multi-host up to 2 Bluetooth devices at one time. The sound quality was pretty awesome. Due to a large numbers of devices and UE BOOM present at the same location, we often do not know which UE BOOM we were sending our music to!

How To Use UE BOOM

Overall, it was really fun playing with these UE BOOMs and some of our lucky bloggers walked away with their own personal UE BOOMs.


Congrats to Hpility! Well BOOMs to them and Shings for the rest of us.


Nevertheless, it was great catching up with Malcolm Sunny. Happy to hear that he will be embarking on the next phase of his marketing career! Jia You!


My Personal Verdict On UE BOOM

To be honest, it is definitely not the World’s First Social Music Player. As far as I can remember, loud pop music has always played during gatherings in my teenage years (which was like 10 over years ago). It is however an amazingly seamless and convenient way to play music from my smartphone or tablet anytime within the Bluetooth range.

I liked the idea of being able to connect 2 UE BOOMs together and have them played in either stereo-to-stereo mode or traditional left / right stereo mode. This together with its sound quality and mobility will capture the youth market.

For PMEBs who are over the big 3, I doubt we will value mobility as much. I can’t imagine myself carrying the UE BOOM around when I attend gatherings. We will probably go for those less mobile and more sophisticated looking Bluetooth players.

If you are interested to get your hands on UE BOOM, here are the full information:

UE BOOM – Social Music Player

Price: S$299.00


– Maximum sound level of 88 dBC with frequency range between 90 Hz – 20 kHz.

– 2 x 1.5 inch full range drivers as well as 2 x 2 inch passive radiators.


Micro USB rechargeable battery, with up to 15 hours of battery life between charges

Product Specifications

– Diameter x Height: 6.5 cm x 18 cm

– Weight: 538g (speaker only)

– Colour: Blue, Red, Black and White


– Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth wireless audio profile

– Compatibility For Phone Calls


UE BOOM also comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty.

Is your music ready to get social?

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