The Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring A Tour Guide In Ireland

Ireland ranks as one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Europe. The Emerald Island has seen an increase in the number of overseas tourists from 13.8 million to 15.6 million in 2017.  2017 has also been a year of record earnings for Irish tourist and the trend continued throughout 2018.  Ireland’s natural wonders and unique culture, tradition, and history make it an exciting place to visit and explore.  If you’re planning a trip to Ireland in 2019, here’s why you should consider hiring a tour guide in Ireland.

It’s Easier to Find Your Way Around

Hiring a tour guide can be a good way to make your stay in Ireland more enjoyable, as well as help you find your way around. A tour guide is a professional who will help you with directions, make it easier to get to know the place you’re visiting, as well as give you other useful information regarding your trip.

Learn About Local History

Ireland has a rich history and many secrets are hidden across the country’s green countryside, picturesque towns and ruins of medieval castles. Uncovering Ireland’s history and many exciting stories about the monuments you’ll visit is easier and more enjoyable if you hire a professional tour guide.

Discover Local Food

Food is an integral part of local culture and nowhere is this truer than in Ireland. Your tour guide will help you discover the local cuisine, recommend the best places to eat, and help you get to know traditional Irish food.

Get to Know Local Customs

No trip to Ireland is complete without getting to know the rich local culture and tradition. Irish hospitality is famous around the world but it’s far easier to immerse yourself in the local culture with the help of a tour guide.

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Uncover Hidden Locations

There’s a lot more to Ireland than meets the eye. In addition to popular tourist destinations like the Cliffs of Moher, Dublin and the Ring of Kerry, Ireland hides many lesser-known places where you can truly immerse yourself in local culture and history.

An experienced tour guide will help you uncover these unique places and share interesting stories about them which will make for a memorable experience.  

Get to Know the Locals

Getting to know Ireland is not all about visiting monuments and natural landmarks, it’s also about meeting its people. A tour guide will be there to help you get to know the locals better, learn about the local way of life and see Ireland from another angle.

A Chance to Meet Fellow Travellers

A group tour presents a unique opportunity to meet with fellow travellers, socialize and share your experiences. For those among you who prefer solo travels, a group tour could be a chance to see things from a new perspective and meet with like-minded individuals.

Save Time

If you lack the patience to wait in an endless queue and want to see the biggest attractions without the hassle of standing in large crowds of tourists, hiring a tour guide will save you time and reduce the travel stress.  

It’s More Fun

Tour guides are often extremely talented people who can also be very charismatic. You may hear many interesting and fun facts from your tour guide, as well as discover something new about the places you visit during your journey.

It’s Safer

While nobody likes to think about potential problems while on their journey, it’s still good to know that someone’s got your back during your stay. A tour guide is someone who knows the place very well and can provide advice in case something goes wrong.

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