Three Foods To Try Before You Die

Though food is something that we need to survive, it can also be a rich sensory experience. If you’re someone that likes to try interesting foods and dining experiences, there is never enough time (or space in your stomach) to try everything that the culinary world has to offer. I’ve rounded up my three top picks of foods that you have to try at some point in your lifetime. If you struggle with your relationship to food or enjoying it with loved ones, it may be time to see an eating disorder therapist. Food is meant to be cherished, enjoyed and savoured. It’s never too late to work on your relationship with it.

Uni (Sea Urchin)

Deep underneath the spikey ball that is a sea urchin, there lies a gorgeous golden delicacy, called uni. It’s one of the last remaining creatures to be hunted solely in the wild and takes a trained professional to harvest and dismantle.

Uni is rich in flavour and has a soft, buttery texture. Many people describe it as tasting like the ocean, and it is often served with little to no seasoning so the full flavour can be appreciated. Though it is typically used for sushi or other classic Japanese dishes, uni can also be used in spreads, sauces or as a topper for a high-end meal.

Some people love the taste of uni, others hate it. Like all special foods in life, it has a divisive reception. No matter what the result is, every foodie should try it at least once.


Cheese lovers unite! You may have seen videos of melted cheese oozing onto a plate of pasta circling the internet, and for good reason. Raclette is a dish that consists of heating cheese up and scraping it directly off the wheel onto your plate. It’s a delicious way to add cheese to any meal, and because it is hot immediately before hitting your plate, it stays soft and creamy as you eat it.

Though raclette is a Swiss dish, it has also become incredibly popular in French cuisine. It’s sometimes used as an alternative for fondue, or as a way to add a little something extra to a completed dish. If you love cheese, having raclette at a restaurant where they add it for you tableside is a must-do.

Fresh Truffle

No, not truffle oil. Not truffle flavoured pasta. I’m talking about freshly shaved truffles that go right onto your plate. Though you may be surprised to know that a mushroom makes this list, both black and white truffles have one of the most unique flavours known to the culinary world. Truffles are renowned because they are difficult to grow, harvest and store, which makes them a rarity.

Most people indulge in truffles on pasta with a light sauce that will blend with the flavour. They are considered a gourmet ingredient, and their taste is unlike anything else in the world. Full of hearty aroma and flavour, every food-lover should truffle at some point. It’s truly an experience that can’t be replaced with any other ingredient.

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