Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Send For Your Parents, Grandparents or even In-laws During Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, due on February 12th. As the country’s most popular festival, Chinese New Year celebrations include a series of activities such as family gatherings and feasting during reunion dinner. And, of course, the most important part of the celebration is to give out gifts and red envelopes to your relatives or elders to express gratitude, respect, and affection. However as we are still under the shadow of the Covid -19 pandemic, it would be wise to not hold this once-a-year mass gathering to minimise the risk of virus transmission. Instead, a virtual zoom video call and gift exchanges would certainly be a much better alternative. Here we’ve rounded up a list of delightful gift ideas for parents, grandparents or even in-laws below:


To score a good impression with your parents, older relatives, or even in-laws, it is highly suggested to send them some traditional tonic products such as Edible Bird’s Nest product from King Of Nests, ginseng, chicken essence, cordyceps, etc. Among other choices, nothing beats the extravagant feeling of receiving a premium gift set of bird’s nest which is widely applauded for its nutritious content and health benefits, like boosting immunity system, speeding up the recovery process, and maintaining healthy skin condition. Moreover, the tasty flavour of Bird’s Nest will surely create a prosperous and special atmosphere for the whole family.   


Older adults often have aches or pain in certain areas due to ageing effects or age-related diseases, for instance, poor blood circulations, joints problems, muscles stiffness, etc. Massage equipment that uses gentle pressure of Chinese acupressure technique can help relieve, repair and improve these conditions, bringing back vitality to your loved ones. If your relatives suffer from backaches and neck pains, consider picking one of the massagers available in the market such as massage chair, foot spa massager, or massage pillow. This way, you’ll surely be at the top of their mind.   


In the spirit of making your parents or any older relatives’ life easier, sending them a robotic vacuum cleaner could be a great choice. This technological innovation will become a huge time and energy saver by cleaning the floors autonomously, keeping your space hygiene and sanitized. Robot vacuums are battery-operated and can be controlled remotely using smartphone devices. All in all, it offers a convenient solution of doing mundane house chores.


Made from bees that pollinate the wild native manuka bush found in New Zealand and Australia, many appraise Manuka Honey as the healthiest type of honey yet the most expensive as well. So what makes it so special? A list of beneficial components was found within Manuka Honey including hydrogen peroxide which is responsible for its antibiotic agent and methylglyoxal contributes for its antibacterial properties thus making Manuka honey one of the superfoods that useful for treating wounds, improving digestive system, repairing damaged tissues, and fighting infection. All of these factors will make manuka honey a great option to show your sincerity and affection, keeping their body in the fittest condition. 


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