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COVID-19 has resulted in consumer behavioural shifts and accelerated technological advancements. The pandemic saw the need for social distancing, encouraged people to work from home and in more serious lockdown, required locals to stay homes venturing out only when necessary. As a result, travel-related trades and many businesses that originally depended on face-to-face interactions faced a desperate urgency to transform for survival. The easiest and probably fastest alternative was to go virtual and that’s where THE RED MARKER comes into the picture.

THE RED MARKER – The Story Behind

THE RED MARKER started off as an agency specialised in Google Maps services for local businesses in Singapore. Since 2014, they have helped at least 5,000 businesses to create beautiful virtual tours on Google Street View. These venues included restaurants, hotels, international schools, retail spaces, showrooms and more.

The purpose behind what they do is to help businesses digitalise physical venues or render virtual spaces so as to improve online exposure and increase footfall. It is often that their solutions get converted into sales tools, e-learning experience or even an e-orientation platform for their clients!

Since then, they have expanded to provide more 360 & 3D virtual tours solutions which include interactive 360 Virtual Tours, Matterport 3D Scanning, 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, and more. Today, our work spread across Asia Pacific including businesses in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia.

THE RED MARKER – The Emergence Of 3D Virtual Tours

Before the physical restrictions brought about by the pandemic due to social distancing, 3D virtual experiences did not really take off in Singapore. Singapore is a small island and a quick recce of a space of interest was just a short cab ride away. However, with pax limitations within spaces and the public’s concerns with crowds, many organisations saw the need to explore virtual alternatives to showcase their premises to potential customers.

THE RED MARKER with their extensive experience in 360 & 3D virtual tours solutions quickly moved in to help solve many of their clients’ woes.

THE RED MARKER – Satisfied Customers Of Well-designed Virtual Tours

The good folks at THE RED MARKER worked with numerous clients to create 360 Virtual Tour, Google Street View, Matterport and 3D Rendering projects. While their clientele ranges from small family-run enterprises to big multinational companies; hotels, museums, galleries to international schools, these clients all held a strong belief in the commercial value of a well-designed virtual tour as an effective tool to engage and communicate with their own potential customers.

The virtual tour simulates a real-life walkthrough experience for potential customers to view spaces as authentically as possible. With its visual capabilities and attention-grabbing potential, setting up a 360 virtual tour is the future of event space marketing.

To view the works from THE RED MARKER, visit their online portfolio. You will be able to explore the entire premises of their past clients as a 3D model or seamlessly look around and walk through each venue from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We have picked a few of their best works below, simply click on the images below to start exploring. Drag the screen using the left mouse button to rotate the room or model and enjoy the 360-degree virtual experience.

THE RED MARKER – The Quality Promise

The team behind THE RED MARKER curate high-quality virtual tours that allow prospective customers to engage with your location from anywhere in the world. Many organisations and real estate professionals saw value in and have benefited from their 360 virtual tour services.

They take pride in their professionalism and are constantly striving to improve the quality of the immersive technology. Going beyond just producing a usual 3D virtual tours in Singapore, they ensure each tour is thoughtfully designed and tailored for every location.

THE RED MARKER – Contact Them Today!

Looking to kickstart your organisation 360 virtual tour experience? Contact the team behind THE RED MARKER below:

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