Talad Rot Fai – Bangkok’s Retro Lovers Weekend Market

If Chatuchak Market (aka JJ Market) is the ‘die die must visit’ weekend day market in Bangkok, Talad Rot Fai has claimed the throne for the weekend night market category.

Located within walking distance from JJ Market, Talad Rot Fai is the latest haunt for antique hunters and retro lovers to browse and bargain for vintage collectibles, reproductions, furnitures and fashions.


‘Talad Rot Fai’ which literally means Train Market in Thai as it sits on an abandon Railway Station owned by State Railway Thailand. The market operates from 2pm to past midnight on Saturday and Sunday.


Walk into any of the wooden warehouses to check out their vintage wares. It really takes a pair of sharp eyes to sniff out the good stuff.


Paintings, old luggages and even Vespas are up for sales.


If you are crazy about retro furnitures, you will probably go gaga here.


My mom has one of these sewing machines!


Wished I had a beautiful backyard for this…


Once we are done with the ‘big stores’, we turned our attention to peddlers displaying their goods out in the open. They make up around 80% of the night market.


If you relish the good old days, you will enjoy the company of vintage collectibles such as cameras,


books as well as magazines.


This game cartridge brought back fond memories of my childhood. I used to spent hours in front of the television with my Sega Console during weekends and school holidays.


In those days, we have games on the move too!


If all else fails, you can always count on the the good old toys to keep you happy.


It takes a certain age to know what these are …..


Besides oldies, one can satisfy their modern needs too. Cycling enthusiasts are able to find Fixed Gear Bicycle aka Fixies as well as an entire arsenal of biking accessories at a really good bargain.


Crocs are really affordable here. I am not sure if they were the real deal but the shoes looked good and felt super comfy.


It’s a pity Singaporeans are not allowed to bring any form of weaponry back to our country. Some of these items are really cool.


Check out these steel knuckles with spikes. I can so imagine the pain … ouch!


Be a Ninja for the night! But resist the temptation to throw these deadly shurikens!


Who needs Instagram when you can now take special effects via coloured lens carousel on your iPhone cover!


You can practically find anything under the moon here, even a full crocodile skin.


Of course, no night market is complete without good food. There are lots of choices ranging from quick snacks on the go to


the heavier sit down meals.


Talad Rot Fai is a charming alternative to end off a hot and sweaty day at Chatuchak Market. Remember to bring sufficient money as there are no ATM nearby.

How To Get There 

Catch the subway to Kamphaeng Phet station, get out at exit 3 (Or Tor Gor Market) then cross the road and walk about 450 meters west on Kampaeng Phet Road, away from Chatuchak Market. After passing plant stores and bars, you’ll find Talad Rot Fai on your right. After a long evening of shopping, you will probably get a cab back.

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