Sudio Tre Wireless Earphones – Sudio Sweden’s Most Sporty Accessory Yet

It is not difficult to be hooked on Sudio after we experienced one of its top range wireless earphones Vasa BLÅ Wireless Bluetooth Earphones in December 2016.  You can imagine how thrilled we were to know that this premium  Swedish earphone brand has just introduced a brand new addition – Sudio Tre Wireless Earphones to its line of wireless earphones. Featuring Bluetooth 4.1 technology, Sudio Tre delivers the ultimate sound performance and is touted to be its most sporty accessory yet!

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The Sudio Difference

Unlike the usual earphones you get in the market, Each Sudio model is carefully engineered by their designer with your preference in mind. Their timeless design is suitable for every occasion, whether you are listening to music on your way to a black tie event, working out at the gym or strolling by the beach. No matter where you are or what you are doing, your Sudio sound piece will be your elegant companion.

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Your Perfect Accessory

The good folks at Sudio believe that a good product should be intuitive and ready to use at all times. This belief manifested in the form of their stay-in-ear feature which allows you wear the earphones like an accessory around the neck while not in use. This function prolongs the lifetime of the earphones and prevents wear out. Besides Tre, Sudio has 4 exquisitely made earphones products that are tuned for listeners of different audio preferences and lifestyle requirements, they are namely the TVÅ , KLANG, Vasa, and Vasa BLÅ.

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Sudio Tre Wireless Earphones – Customised For Sports 

Designed to fit your active lifestyle, the Tre is sweat & water resistant and has custom wing-tips for the most secure fit. Operating under Bluetooth 4.1, Tre is equipped with world-class features such as 9 hours of battery life, 10minutes quick charge, exceptional mic clarity, and Siri voice control. It offers full sound transparency so you can listen to your favourite tunes without losing touch of your surroundings.

Handmade With Love

Sudio believes that making earphones is an art of craftsmanship. While the bulk of earphone manufacturers are focused on enhancing productivity through mechanicalized production, Sudio has chosen to continue with handmade details for the majority of the production process. They strongly feel that the human eye and touch cannot be fooled. Tre is compatible with all iPhones and Android devices, and each set comes with a handmade leather case.

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Commitment To Sound 

Sudio explained that the most common mistake when taking on the challenge of reproducing sound is forgetting that it is a human who will be subjectively judging whether or not the sound is high-fidelity. To understand the art of sound, they first studied the psychoacoustics of the human species. Sudio sound signature is delivered by a carefully tuned driver and amplifier. The combination of driver and amplifier is able to separate the sound of every instrument in every song, thereby giving you a true studio experience.

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Summer Promotion

This summer, you get to enjoy a Complimentary Sudio summer tote bag with every online purchase (Until 31 Aug), 15% Off (just key in promo code: ASPIRANTSG), enjoy an additional 20% instant tax rebate and free express shipping to Singapore in 3-5 days via DHL courier! 

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If you have yet to own one of Sudio wireless earphones, this is probably the best time to get one. Use our promo code and make your orders today!

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