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Do you feel yourself dragging your feet to work every day? Some of us just suck it up thinking that one fine day, things will change for the better. You will finally get the smile of approval from your boss and bag that promotion. But is it worth the wait? The chain effect of our happiness at work affects us and those around us. We all double hat as parents, sons or daughters, siblings and friends to someone. JobStreet.com challenges you to the belief #icanbebetter by putting your first foot out for a change of job, a fresh beginning and be better to everyone else surrounding you!

With JobStreet.com, you can pursue #icanbebetter keeping your JobStreet.com profile updated with your latest employment details, education level and skills! Once that is done, these amazing things are going to happen!

1. Attract Potential Employers

Your updated profile is like a passport to endless job opportunities. Potential employers or headhunters seeking talents will check out your resume and drop you a line should they find you suitable for a job that they are looking to fill. Always remember to turn your profile privacy setting to public so that it is visible to potential employers and headhunters. Your next move may offer more work-life balance and do wonders to your child’s life!

2. Enjoy Personalised Job Matches

JobStreet.com allow you to receive personalised job matches based on your JobStreet.com profile and job preferences through Lina Job Alert on a daily or weekly basis. Automate it and have amazing job offers coming your way via your mailbox!

3. Job Application At A Click

Chance upon a great job opportunity? Send in your application with just a few simple clicks using your JobStreet.com account. Download JobStreet.com mobile app and you can do it anytime, anywhere.

4. Know The Market

JobStreet.com provides tools such as salary report and company reviews to help you make a more informed decision on your next career moves. You know it is important to keep your loved ones smiling.

#icanbebetter with JobStreet.com!

Yes, you can! Take that first step for a better career and a better you for your loved ones! Check out the video below to inspire you further:

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This post has been presented by JobStreet.com but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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