Set Of Six Singapore – Specially Curated Six Discoveries For Diners

Set of Six Singapore, a new cocktail and dining concept has officially opened its doors on 8th January 2021 at 20 Craig Road, #01-01, Singapore 089692. Founded by Asifur Chowdhury who is also the owner of the next-door Binomio Spanish Restaurante, the cocktail lounge sets a design journey that provides six discoveries for diners to experience crafted by highly skilled mixologists and a fine dining executive chef.

Binomio’s Executive Chef Gonzalo Landin helped come up with the direction and concept for Set of Six and put in his creative culinary skills to curate the unique food menu. “To provide a place to unwind and enjoy fine champagne, great cocktails with delectable dishes and relaxation that one deserves at the end of a long day in a congenial atmosphere” shares Asifur R. Chowdhury, Founder of Set of Six, about the idea behind this majestic creation.

Set Of Six Singapore – Design Masterpiece Directions Behind The Six Discoveries 

Inspired by the novel “Set of Six” written by Joseph Conrad, the cocktail lounge brings to life Conrad’s experiences when he went to the sea at 17, and later when he sailed to Singapore as part of the crew of Captain James Craig from which Craig Road name takes after. Greeted by scents influenced by Far East voyages of the renowned writer, the quirky decorations compliment the adventure stories of the Vidar, the sailboat of Captain Craig, and are the elements for the curated libations and unique house cocktails in the Parlour.

Wrapped with velvet curtains and decorated with traditional spice containers, a vintage spice cabinet dominates a tiny front room and disguises the entrance to the lounge. Through a concealed door, a hidden private room allows lucky few to indulge themselves in a bespoke service. Guests can enjoy cocktail and champagne order by calling a quirky “Call For Champagne” button.

Warm wood tones, green hues and lush palms bring about the tropical atmosphere. Accent details and furniture style inspired by travel and fashion of 1880s colonial era. Along the corridors, you will be immersed by the lush tropical canopy, neon messages and rustic furniture reflecting a playful interpretation of the classical tropical engravings from the 19th century. Seletti Monkey lamps stare at the guests in a cheeky manner. Infinity ceiling mirrors create an amusing endless perspective, while the unique disposition of vanity mirrors make the eyes wonder with a play of reflections.

“Set foot in a mystical adventure room that brings you around the tropics with glitz, disco lights and pink feathered trees. We had a whimsical time there! The drinks menu has 12 drinks categorized into 6 stories, and you can find a selection of French, Italian, British cuisine (also 2 each) on the food part. Good for a fancy night out with girlfriends, dressing up and chilling out. Oh did I mention you get wasabi peas to munch on too!” – Crystal, extracted from Set of Six Google Review.

Set Of Six Singapore – Cocktail Program Curated From The Adventures Of Joseph Conrad

A reflection of Joseph Conrad’s time in the British Merchant Navy, each chapter and story crafted by expert mixologists in the cocktail menu features a chaotic and idiosyncratic protagonist at its core, in a different part of the world.

The journey started with Il Conde – Italy, featuring the Camorran Courtesy and Late Night Reviver cocktails, apprising the concept of relaxation and refresher to start the diner’s journey. Sailing through France, England, Chile and French Guyana, the cocktail selection creates a unique experience that meets with the Duel, the Informer, Gaspar Ruiz and An Anarchist in these chapters. The evening concludes with Sailor’s Fate cocktail in the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate the memorable adventure and Remember The Apse as what Set of Six called the ‘finisher’.

Set Of Six Singapore – Drop By For A Drink

With a full year of meticulous planning and conceptualization, the team behind Set of Six crafted an outstanding cocktail parlour focusing on every detail, from the unique cocktail menu to decorations and furniture. Set of Six is none other than the perfect place for your celebrations, intimate occasions or a discovery of a new cocktail horizon in an elegant and playful atmosphere.

Address: 20 Craig Road, #01-01, Singapore 089692 | Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 4pm – 10.30pm (Closed on Mondays) | Facebook | Instagram

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