How To Safely Change Lanes On A Motorcycle

Riding on a motorcycle is a great way to get around your city. However, since you are more exposed compared to being inside a car, you have to take greater precautions. Unfortunately, not all motorists are happy to see motorcycles on the road, so you need to be prudent when manoeuvring around other vehicles. Even the best motorcycle helmets or high-quality aftermarket parts for motorcycles will not help you in an extremely severe crash. Here are some tips for safely changing lanes on freeways, so you can reach your destination in one piece.

Find Your Place Among Traffic

It is vital to recognize that you are smaller than a car when on the freeway. Therefore, it is easier for you to get caught in someone’s blind spot. While other cars should watch out for you, it is paramount you understand when you are in a bad spot. You should never stay in a car’s blind spot for too long. This rule is particularly important when you want to pass a large truck. They have a wider blind spot, so speed up or slow down to go around if you are worried the truck driver will not see you.

Signal Before Changing

Your motorcycle has blinkers for a reason. You should use these lights any time you want to switch lanes. Before you attempt to switch lanes, you need to account for all cars in the surrounding area. You should avoid making any sudden movements unless you need to avoid getting into an accident. You should make sure the lane is clear before moving. In the event you need to go through multiple lanes, then you need to wait until all of them are clear. Ideally, you will make eye contact with other drivers so that they know you are there.

It is crucial to remember that it is better to miss your exit than to get into an accident. If you cannot safely switch lanes, then you should just keep going until it is safe.

Avoid Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is the act of driving between two lanes of cars. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also illegal in most states. Even if it is permitted in your state, you should avoid it. There is often not enough room between vehicles to move safely through. Additionally, it places you in a bad position. A car may not expect a motorcycle to cut through the lanes. A car could try to switch lanes without seeing you in the middle. It is an incredibly dangerous activity, so never do it.

As long as you are extra careful, you can safely navigate the freeways in your state with ease. You just need to make your presence known, so all of the other vehicles see you. To ride even more smoothly, you should look into purchasing great OEM parts online. You can find the best OEM parts for Kawasaki Bayou 300 and all kinds of other vehicles from online motorcycle stores. You will be riding in style for years to come when you know how to be safe.

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