Smart Tips For Safe Face Painting With Your Loved Ones

Face painting is a fun activity, and it adds a lot of fun to any party be it a birthday party, Halloween party, kids party and, soon. Some people do it for passion on an occasional basis whereas for others it is a professional business. Face painting can be so rewarding. Professionals work for days or even weeks for about 10 hours a day painting faces of person, one after the other. No matter even if you are a professional, there are some safety tips to consider before you start face painting.

Suitable Paints

When you see the term, ‘Non-toxic’ don’t assume that they are safe for the skin. Acrylic paints, watercolours, markers, pencils are not safe for skin. Some people are allergic to chemicals and colouring pigments used in paints. The element nickel causes skin rashes. Markers don’t get removed easily and, at times it may even take days. There are many brands which offer safe face painting Singapore; they are less expensive than that of the paints used for crafts.


Never go for glitters that are used for crafts and if they are metallic. These kind of glitters are not to be used on faces. The glitters that are safe are usually made of polyester and, they are smaller in size such as 0.008 microns. This is classified as the cosmetic size by FDA and is safe to use on faces.

Brush and Sponge

Never clean your brush or sponge in Alcohol. They are not the effective sanitizer. On the contrary, if they are used in small amounts, they can promote the growth of bacteria. If you clean your brush using alcohol and, if there are traces of alcohol on your brush, then it causes harm to sensitive tissues like eyes, on places if the skin is peeled off and so on.

Health Considerations

Never paint on open wounds, sores or on people who are prone to sickness. Even try avoiding acne, because when you rub your face to remove the paint, it can irritate. In one such scenario, try painting on other areas such as arms, fingers or suggest a sticker instead.

Washing Your Hands

As a professional who paints on a regular basis, cultivate the habit of washing your hands regularly when you switch from one person to another. You can use baby wipes, sanitizer or even hand wash. This healthy habit will keep you healthy too.

Avoid Head Lice

Before you start painting, especially for kids, check for head lies. As many professionals hold the kids head to steady them for painting, it can be easy to transfer head lice from person to another. Also, it’s a good idea for the professional painters to pull back their hair to ponytail to avoid transfer of head lice. Also, it prevents possible contamination with lice.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Before you start painting, make yourself comfortable. Have a chair to sit down and paint as well as proper supportive shoes if you are going to stand and paint, so that your back has support. Your back is going to get serious damage if you are going to sit in an uncomfortable position and paint for hours. Face painting is an interesting, fun activity but, it can cause stress. Avoid too much bending or stretching so that you can avoid repetitive stress injury. Take a break and do some stretches now and then.

Self Consideration

Self-consideration should be your priority. Consume enough liquids like juices, or any healthy drinks. Take a break and have a snack time. You would not want to faint due to exhaustion or lack of energy. So keep yourself hydrated now and then.


Consider purchasing insurance for face painting for your satisfaction as well as your clients. If you are in the United States professional painters can get insurance at two places and, in the United Kingdom, if you are a member of the Face painting Association, you will automatically get insurance.

Every of these safety tips is generally based on common sense. When you follow these safety tips, you can expect your event or party to unfold beautifully and smoothly. Most importantly there will be more positive memories.

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