RV Friendly Places Where You Can Park Your Vehicle In America

Seeing countless “No overnight parking” signs in most parking areas might make it seem like a big challenge for you to choose a place to park your RV. However, you should not be discouraged by this, as there are actually many RV friendly places where you can park and stay overnight. Here is a list of places that are recommended to park an RV overnight. 

1. Camp Grounds

Campgrounds are probably the first destination that pops into your mind when you look for a place to park overnight. With the availability of camping essentials and the company of fellow RVers, campgrounds are an ideal place to stay for RV camping. Many campgrounds nowadays have gone beyond the commonality of pools and stores. Some of them can now offer different activities RVers can partake in to keep them entertained without having to leave the site. 

2. Casinos

The first place you will think of when you hear the word “casino” is likely to be Las Vegas. It is the land full of gambling, parties and large buffets. But Las Vegas isn’t the only place where you can enjoy casinos. There are many casinos elsewhere that welcome RV travellers to experience their facilities from the comforts of their RV Rental vehicles. As long as you can put money in their businesses, you are welcome to park in their lot overnight. This choice, however, might be a little expensive than other places on this list. Just be mentally prepared to control your expenses when you choose these places for parking.

3. Small Towns

Small towns in America are one of the friendliest places for tourists. Since tourists who pass by contributes to their modest economy, people in small towns would be very much willing to accommodate RV travellers in their lot. You can even often park on side streets or in public locations, as long as you are patronizing the town that you staying overnight in.

4. Restaurants

Fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Arby’s, Subway and Burger King welcomes RV travellers with their free parking lots. In addition to this, they offer free Wi-Fi for their customers. Make sure to check if the lots are welcome to vehicles overnight, as some fast food restaurants in bigger cities do not allow vehicles to stay beyond the length of their meal.

5. Truck Stops

It might not be your first guess that truck stops can be a friendly parking space for RVers. Oftentimes they welcome RVers to stay overnight for free. They expect to make money from offering fuel, supplies and food you can purchase rather than charging RVers to park in their lot. It is impossible for RVers not to cross a truck stop at an interstate highway. You could at least reach one or two of these truck stops during any interstate travel.

Aside from fuel, food and supplies, you could purchase from them, they also offer dump sites to empty your waste bin. They also offer reasonable prices for your laundry. Truck stops are perfect for people who pass by, especially for RVers who are looking to spend the night in a relatively safe and quiet area.

6. Large retail stores

For RV travellers, it has become convenient to take advantage of free RV camping at Walmart, where food and supplies are offered at affordable prices. They are the leading business that welcomes RVers to spend a full night in their parking lot. However, there are some Walmart branches that won’t allow overnight stays at their lot, especially if it would affect their business operations. It is better to ask for permission from a manager to see if you can stay overnight. If not, they will likely direct you to an area where it is beneficial to the both of you.

Aside from Walmart, Kmart had also officially announced that they are now RV friendly, which means they will willingly welcome RV travellers to spend a night on their lot. Still, be mindful to ask if it is okay to stay for the night before assuming it is ok to do so.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of places to stay for overnight in an RV. Just make sure to park in a safe and convenient place so that you can enjoy and get the most of your night in your RV. Also, make sure that if you are receiving free parking that you depart at a reasonable hour so as to not disrupt the business operations of where you are staying.

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