10 Simple Things You Can Do To Be A Perfect Meat Cutter

Most people spend a decent amount of time and money choosing and purchasing cuts of meat for themselves and their families. They appreciate the skills and professional touch of an experienced meat cutter, such as those found at Boutique Meats Best Butcher Brisbane. As a butcher, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure your customers will return time and time again:


1. Pay Attention

Actively listen to your customers as they explain to you precisely what they want. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure you have a clear understanding of what they are saying. Be ready to answer any questions your customers may have.

2. Know Your Product

Take your knowledge beyond the basic types, grades, and cuts of meat. Customers are appreciative of a meat cutter who is knowledgeable about topics such as the best ways to prepare certain cuts of meat, how meat should be stored, and so on. Customers like knowing that they are dealing with someone who takes a genuine interest in their craft.

3. Cleanliness Is Critical

Have you ever walked into a business place, taken one look around, and headed straight back out the door? Nowhere is this truer than at an establishment where food is sold. An unkempt, messy shop with an unpleasant odour is the quickest way to send customers running, and rightly so. Unsanitary conditions in a butcher shop mean danger in the form of bacteria, germs, products unsafe for human consumption. Before the door opens daily and closes nightly, and at several intervals in between, take a few minutes to go over the entire shop and make sure everything is spotless and sanitary. Your customers will definitely take notice and appreciate your efforts.

4. Pay Attention To Presentation

Don’t just toss cuts of meat onto trays and place them in the display case. Take the time to arrange them so that they are presented in a neat, appealing manner. Not only does this indicate to your customers that you take pride in your product and your work, but it also increases the likelihood that they will purchase more meat when it looks appetizing.

5. Appreciate Your Customers

Making money is important for any business, naturally, but so is taking good care of the customers and making sure they know that you value them for more than just their dollars spent. Rather than offering the most costly cuts of meat, always let them know when there is a sale, or recommend to them ways they can save a few dollars and still get what they want. Give your regular customers “special” deals from time to time. This is an investment in your business that will pay off greatly.

6. Stay On Top Of The Game

Always be aware of the latest advances and improvements in the meat-cutting/butcher business. Attend classes, watch videos, and share information with others in the business. As with any craft, there is always something new and innovative to be learned, information and ideas that will keep your customers coming back.

7. Teamwork Matters

Always make certain that your entire team is on the same page when it comes to keeping the shop in top condition, providing only the choicest products, and treating each and every customer the right way. Everyone in your workplace should take pride in what they do.

8. Know The Tools Of Your Trade

New, State-Of-The-Art tools and machinery are being developed constantly in every industry. Stay apprised of the most modern and effective equipment that will make a butcher’s job easier and more efficient. This will show your customers that you take pride in your shop and your work.

9. Hone Your Skills

Make sure you are constantly on point with all of the skills that are relevant to your craft. Excellent hand-eye coordination, mathematical skills, sharp reflexes, and strength and dexterity are all necessary for a master meat cutter.

10. Little Things Matter

Along with solid professional skills, a top-notch butcher will know that small touches make all the difference in keeping the customers happy. When someone purchases a pound of ground beef, occasionally upgrade their purchase to a better grade or include an additional one-quarter pound for free. For that customer who has a canine fur-baby, offer a choice bone at no charge. Again, small investments in your business that will deliver major dividends in repeat business and great word-of-mouth advertising.

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