Tips And Dessert Ideas From Experts To Deck Up A Perfect Christmas Table

Christmas is synonymous with the reunion with friends and family with scrumptious delicacies. It is the name of happiness, joy, excitement, celebration, and parties. People do not leave any stone unturned to spruce up their houses with beautiful decorations. However, you would not want to spend all the time decking up the table while your guests are having fun all around. This is where tips like easy shortbread recipe by McKenzie’s Foods and other ideas for quick yet delicious food come in handy.

Like every other festival, Christmas too has some theme-based traditional food. Things like shepherd’s pie, plum cake, gingerbread cookies, etc. define Christmas food. So, how do you nail that dinner table while still enjoying the night with your loved ones? Let us dive straight into some useful tips and recipe ideas.

Consider dietary needs

People today are more health-conscious than they have ever been. Many have made some significant lifestyle and dietary changes while others avoid certain things only out of preference or trend.

To ace your food assortment, try to include dishes like gluten-free cake or sugar-free or low-carb dishes that all your guests can relish without guilt. You can achieve that by making simple choices like replacing regular wheat flour with almond flour or adding powdered oat for fibre-rich cakes and cookies.

Do some preparation in advance

Cooking becomes much easier and faster if you have done the preparation right. The best way is to make a list of all the ingredients and see what you can prepare before starting to cook. Get things like all baking utensils cleaned and ready, prepare powdered sugar and keep it handy, and soak nuts in rum.

Some quick recipes ideas for this festive season

Apart from considering everyone’s needs and preferences and advanced preparation, the dishes you choose can also make a huge difference. Here are some desserts that you can make quickly and easily and still have plenty of time to enjoy.

Shortbread cookies

These sugary cookies are a perpetual delight for a festive season. Since these can last for a longer period, you can prepare them in advance and keep them in air-tight containers.


If you want something that reminds you of childhood and the happiness of Christmas, the Cinnabuns are a perfect choice. The heavenly aroma that emanates from the oven while baking them fills the entire house with festive vibes.

Chocolate pudding

No Christmas is complete without a chocolate pudding. It is purity, divinity, and sinfulness, all in one dish. To make a chocolate pudding quickly, you can use ingredients that are readily available on your kitchen’s counter-top.

Gluten-free almond cake

The best way to include guests who are health-conscious or slightly choosy is to have a gluten-free almond cake. Surprisingly these cakes do not taste any lesser than the regular desserts.

Christmas mince pie

How can you miss your grandma’s special mince pie on Christmas? It is not only delicious but also takes you on a nostalgic journey. Made with flour, loaded with the tastiest seasonal barries and nuts, nothing can match a mince pie.

Walnut and banana muffins

One of the best combinations on the earth is banana and walnuts. Muffins with an amazing flavour of banana and crunchiness of walnuts are a great addition to a Christmas table.

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