Oakwood Studios Singapore – #CuratedSecrets Stay At Orchard Road

Locating a perfect space for a birthday party is never an easy task. Thankfully, we stumble upon Oakwood Studios Singapore in our search! This swanky new service apartment is just walking distance from Paragon (a popular upmarket mall within Orchard Road – Singapore’s prime shopping belt) and within close proximity to the city’s CBD district, popular attractions, and trendy neighbourhoods. The best part? It’s gorgeous pop art interior decor, well-thought facilities and #curatedsecrets services will make this one of the most memorable birthday party yet!

Before The Big Day

Unlike most hotels and service apartments which strive to take care of every whim and fancy during the stay, our experience at Oakwood Studios Singapore started a week before we check in! Curation plays a big role in their guest experience and Oakwood wants to get to know us better through an online questionnaire which requires us to define our notion of ‘chilling out’, what we want to see in our fridge, our taste in scent and many other questions! Our answers will materialise into special #CuratedSecrets experiences after we check in! However, do note that such #CuratedSecrets services are currently only for long term stays.

Checking In 

Getting to the hotel from Orchard MRT Station was a breeze, there were also numerous parking lots for folks who drive as well.  Despite its modest facade, Oakwood Studios Singapore boasted of a chic and sexy interior which caters to individuals with a millennial mindset.

The check in was smooth and we were soon on our way to our rooms! But not before we pout and strike a pose while waiting for the lift!

The Rooms

Furnished for independent living, Oakwood Studios Singapore offers 98 units of serviced apartments with fully-equipped kitchens, stylish interiors and tech-enabled amenities. You can choose from Studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments. For our party, we opted for 2 studio apartments – one for each birthday boy.

Having known our intent for the staycation, the folks at Oakwood prepared a pleasant surprise for us – a lovely ‘cake’ made up of mixers and lime as well as a bottle of premium gin! 

Remember our pre-stay questionnaire? Our wish for coffee came true with aromatic selections from Nespresso and we have the fridge stocked up with our favourite items free of charge! Plus our rooms were also scented with our preferred fragrance. We never felt more pampered.

We adore our studio rooms. They were spacious, bright and welcoming. We were encouraged to move furniture, cook in the open kitchen (furnished with a full set of cooking utensils) and use the space in any way we desire. Contemporary art pieces in our apartments and common spaces come from LUMAS gallery and featured contemporary photography art from well-known artists such as Erwin Blumenfeld, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Edward Kasper, Thierry Noir and Joe McDermott. The LUMAS retail program in Oakwood Studios Singapore allows you to purchase your favourite pieces directly off the wall too!

Oakwood Studios Singapore partnered Samsung to provide us with a suite of lifestyle products during our stay. Each room is equipped with a Samsung refrigerator, television, r7 wireless speaker and smartphone. The Samsung smartphone replaces the landline and offers complimentary data. This is great for the overseas guest who can simply take it along with them when visiting local attractions. Our studio rooms come with a comfortable queen bed with amazingly soft sheets which are bound to offer you a good night’s rest.

In-house services requests and loads of other stuff can be made using the in-room tablet.

The folks at Oakwood Studios Singapore also allowed us to take a peek at their one bedroom apartment

as well as two bedrooms apartments. These spaces are perfect for bachelor pads or small families. 

You will realise that coloured lips play an important visual in this service apartment. You will see cheeky motifs of lips throughout your stay at Oakwood Studios Singapore. In fact, it has also found its way onto our bathrobes too! 
Time To Socialize! 

Located on the ground floor,  Socialize is another innovative first for Oakwood Studios Singapore and is the perfect space for our party guest to get trigger happy with their cameras!

This part of Socialize house a bar and lounge which we can use should we decide to hold our party here instead of our rooms. Again you are free to re-arrange the furniture to your liking within the space. Check out the chair that we are rocking! 

Oakwood’s partnership with Samsung also sees Samsung’s first hospitality installation of the irregular mirror video wall located in Socialize. Besides showcasing modern art pieces from well-known photographers and artists, the video wall can also run vibrant content specially created to interest and engage residents. 

Those with a musical interest will be able to rent this Steinway Gallery Singapore piano for their apartment.

Socialize is never complete without social media. Oakwood Studios Singapore invites everyone to share their experience by adding hashtag #CuratedSecrets to their Instagram posts! All tagged posts will appear on their cool social wall!

If Alfresco Is Your Thing

Just step out of the Socialize zone and you will be out at the outdoor alfresco chill-out area. Just like the rest of the common space, movable furniture allows for flexible work and meeting spaces, which adds versatility to the whole place.

Beside the open seats, each pavilion allows for a personal space to just hang out and catch up on the latest gossips with friends.

Retreat & Unwind 

Climbing up this flight of stairs will lead you to yet another curated spot at Oakwood Studios Singapore. One which invites you to unwind and relax.

Retreat, the outdoor garden terrace, is a great spot to attend a yoga class, be creative with a canvas, or simply chill with a good book. Just like Socialize, we were invited to create our own space according to our interests.

And to round off your Oakwood experience, remember to visit to the rooftop sky garden and entertainment deck. 

Swim, the swimming pool offers a relaxing dip with city view and fulfilled our OOTD fantasy with a unicorn! 

The pool is also a great spot to catch the setting sun 

and takes on a totally different vibe at nightfall.

Creating a cosy and elegant setting that is perfect for a poolside bbq. 

Right beside the pool, Sweat, the gymnasium, ensures that fitness enthusiasts can still do their daily cardio while on staycation. 

The party was a blast and all our guests enjoyed themselves (lots of cam-whoring but who can resist the gorgeous interiors) at Oakwood Studios Singapore. We love how unexpected touches throughout the property, ranging from the quirky designed interior to modern art pieces, to tech-enabled infotainment, provide elements of surprise that inject freshness into our celebration stay, which is not commonly found in serviced apartments. We invite you to book your stay soon and experience Oakwood Studios Singapore #CuratedSecrets service yourself!

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