Nuskin TRA – My Last Resort To Weight Loss That Actually Worked

Many of us struggled with weight issues. We are often envious of models and celebrities who seem to have it easy when it comes to attaining that perfect body. I love food and it is one of the simple pleasures in life that I would not want to sacrifice. So in order to maintain my weight, I can only rely on regular exercise and consuming supplements to help me increase metabolism rate. After a while, I grew jaded and resigned myself to the fate of gaining weight as I age. Thankfully, Fern introduced me to Nuskin TRA (The Right Approach). Despite trying it out as my last resort to weight loss, I am very happy that I actually managed to lose 9kg!

Nuskin Tra

I don’t blame you for being sceptical of my claims. I started out as a non-believer myself. But I started to realised that the ladies in my office were getting visibly slimmer and TRA became a popular topic over lunch. Apparently, they have purchased this miraculous 3 months weight loss program from Nuskin called TRA (The Right Approach) from this lady Fern. Looking at the way our lunch goes and them still losing weight got me curious and I decided to meet this legendary Fern myself.


Well this is Fern. I was shocked when she showed me her before and after photos. She has lost an amazing amount of weight after TRA!


Representing Nuskin, she shared with me that TRA is a proven combination of world class supplements, exercise, and nutrition. It has been created to help busy executives like us meet our weight management goals in the most effective and safest manner. The entire 3 months kits contains pills, creams and meal replacement supplements to:

1. Control carbohydrate cravings

Basically during the 3 months course of TRA, we are still able to eat our intake for breakfast, lunch & dinner. For best effects however, we are advised to choose healthier food over the more sinful ones.

2. Control stress

Stress control helps to keep serious dieters from binge eating.

3. Control fats storage

Our body works in an extremely irritating manner. Do you know that your body is wired to store fats when you are on diet? It is a built in survival mechanism to prevent you from starving.This is like so irrelevant in today’s age but well our body is obviously not evolving up to speed.

TRA kit contains the right component to help you diet and fool your body into lower fats storage.

4. Increase Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. Even when you’re at rest, your body needs energy for all its “hidden” functions, such as breathing, circulating blood, adjusting hormone levels, and growing and repairing cells.

The higher your metabolism rate, the faster your calories can burnt and the lower the possibility of storing excessive calories as fats.

My Personal Experience

After a detailed explanation by Fern, I decided to give it a shot. After all, I have nothing to lose except my weight.

I was really enthusiastic in the first month, I sticked to a healthier diet and replaced my dinner with the delicious TrimShake. After the 3rd week, my weight began to take a nose dive. By the end of the 3rd week, I dropped 5kg just like that. But I hit my first weight plateau after the 6kg mark and it just stayed stagnant for a while.

By the mid of the 2nd month, I became deviant and went back to eating some of the sinful food I love. It is tough staying away from my favourite food (which are coincidently very fattening). But my weight maintained and it took me the rest of my 3 months to lose the remaining 3kg.

If you are worried about weight rebound, it is not likely to happen. Provided that you do not gorge like a pig immediately after the 3 months programme. I waited over half a year after getting off TRA before writing this article to see if I suffer from weight re-bound. Till date, my weight remained pretty constant.

Overall, it was a good experience. At times, I feel like kicking myself for not sticking with the suggested diet but I supposed 9kg is good enough for my weight. Fern did ask me to take a topless before and after photo but no way am I going to show it public on my blog. I am not an exhibitionist! So you guys just make do with my fully covered one.

Before & After Nuskin TRA - AspirantSG

Take Action Now

There are lots more positive testimonials but people who have tried TRA and succeeded. Fern will be able to show more success stories when you meet up with her.  

If you are sick and tired of diets, pills or supplements that do not deliver what they promise. Perhaps it is time to give TRA a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Drop me an email and I would help connect you with Fern.

Till then, all the best with your weight loss!

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