6 Things You Must Bring On Your North Charter Tour Of Australia

Australia is a vast landscape where the majority of the population lives near the coast. The Outback and grasslands that occupy the centre of the country are perfect for safaris, and you can take a wonderful tour over several days through these beautiful and exotic locations. However, you need to know how to pack for these trips. All six things on the list below should be in your pack so that you can travel safely, comfortably, and happy during your time in Australia.

Hat And Sunglasses

When you begin any safari, you will be in the hot sun for much of the day. Even when you are riding in a Jeep or Range Rover that is taking you to your next location, it is very hot and sunny. Your hat will keep the sun off your face and neck. Your sunglasses will keep the sun out of your eyes, and you can cut down on sunburns that are most troublesome. Plus, your eyes will get very tired if you do not wear sunglasses. People on Charter North Tours need to ensure they bring eye protection because these headaches could progress to migraines.

Loose Clothing

Loose clothing is beneficial during the trip because you want to cover your body while also staying cool. Think of how the people of the African deserts dress. They have long/loose clothing that breathes. You can let air pass through your clothes, and you will be protected from the sun. Plus, you can keep insects off you because they can land on your clothes and not your skin.

Sunscreen And Insect Repellent

Sunscreen and insect repellent are necessities on any long trip like this. You must apply sunscreen in the morning before you start your trek, and you should spray insect repellent all over everyone in your group. You must ensure that you have renewed your sunscreen halfway through the day because you will sweat quite a lot. You do not want your sunscreen to wash off, and you may want to apply extra sunscreen to areas of your body that are most vulnerable.

When you are using insect repellent you also need to spray it in your hair and on your clothes. You do not want insects to sit in your hair only to sting or bite your head. Plus, you need full coverage in case you take off your hat.

Hiking Boots And Socks

Hiking boots are much heavier than trail shoes. You may think that a lighter pair of trail shoes will be enough to protect your feet, but the rocky trails of the Outback are very hard to traverse when you can feel the trails under your feet. Instead, you need hiking boots that are so heavy you do not feel every rock that is beneath you. This is good protection for your feet, and you will have much better traction especially if the ground is wet.

Socks are needed so that you do not develop blisters on your feet. You also need extra pairs of socks so that you can change when your feet get wet or too sweaty.

Water Cans Or Bottles

Water cans and bottles must be kept in large supply. You will likely stop in places where you can get water, but you need to make sure that you have enough bottles to fill for a long journey. It could be several hours before you see another watering hole, and you do not want to be in an uncomfortable position where your single water bottle is now empty.

A Sturdy Pack

You need a sturdy pack to carry your extra supplies, and extra change of clothes, socks, and even some food. You need a space where you can keep your water can, and you also need a place where you can keep items that you find along the way. A heavy canvas pack will hold up well to the rigours of a long safari, and it will dry out easily if it rains.


The charter tours that you take give you an exciting and exhilarating look at Australia, but you must pack properly. You can travel safely and comfortably when you have all the items on this list.           

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