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Enchanting Motorcycle Exploration In Singapore

The life of a motorcyclist in Singapore can be notoriously perilous, particularly on busy city roads. Careless drivers, changing lanes blindly and overcrowded streets can be nerve-wracking. According to Channel News Asia, traffic accidents involving motorcycles have been on the rise this past year. However, there are trails and roads outside the city one can travel for a quiet, peaceful, and even romantic motorcycle ride. 

If You’re Into The Beach

There’s a 17km (approx. 10.5 miles) stretch of Singapore’s Eastern Coast, that is guaranteed to provide a relaxing, scenic motorcycle ride, whether you’re riding with a date or solo. Known as a great running and cycling route as well, the Changi Coast Road will take you along Changi Village, where no matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, you’re bound to find it. You can get pizza, Thai, Japanese, seafood, and of course, the famous Nasi Lemak to name only a few. In addition to the ample food selection, as the name suggests, Changi Coast Road is coastal, so there’s no shortage of places to stop and take in the sea air or the stunning beach views. A favourite destination along this route is Changi Beach Park, one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore.

White beaches lined with coconut palms, cooking pits, benches and covered hangout areas make it a perfect place for family BBQs, a dip in the ocean, or even a romantic seaside picnic. This depends, of course, on how much your motorcycle can carry. For those interested in serious picnicking, or even stringing up a hammock between trees at the beach, three wheeled motorcycles are a great alternative to the traditional two-wheeled variety, as they’re able to carry more gear and belongings. 

Rainforests And Beautiful Sunsets

Thomson Road, which connects Singapore’s central business district to the more northern suburbs, stretches about 10km (6.25 miles) and, during off-peak hours, offers a slow and relaxing ride partially along what used to be home to a Grand Prix track. This route also takes you through numerous popular food spots, including the Sewambang Hills Food Centre – great for lunch if you’re seeking out some good local hawker fare. Also along this scenic road is the Lower Pierce Reservoir, one of the oldest reservoirs in Singapore. Known for its stunning sunset photo opportunities, the reservoir is lined on either side by a mature secondary rainforest. Here you can find trees that are over 100 years old. Also, worth exploring is the Lower Pierce Trail. Actually a boardwalk, this trail will take you deep into the forest, and can make for a super scenic walk or offer many picnic opportunities. 

Even if you aren’t travelling outside the city in search of scenic motorcycle rides, when precautions are taken, there are benefits to riding within city boundaries as well. During rush hour especially, one can potentially shave around 75% off of commute time on a motorcycle and truly maximize the Singapore experience. 

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