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How To Effectively Gear Up For The Educational Lifestyle

School isn’t just the place to go for learning anymore. It’s also a place where college students experience the beginnings of what is coming to be known as an “Educational Lifestyle.” College campuses are filled with these students, zipping by on their roller powered shoes, talking into their wristwatches like Secret Service agents, all the while trying to figure out how to write that class essay due in a day’s time. The answer to that predicament is easy. Pay for essay writing services online. Having someone to deal with homework means the student will have more time to catch up with your studies, thanks to the help of the latest tech gadgets for college students

1. Rocket Skates

Never be late for class again. Even if that class is in a different building from the one you are in. Strap these rocket skates on and zoom across campus from one location to another. Just make sure you learn how to turn and brake first otherwise, this fun experience could turn unpleasant. For $500 you can have the privilege of being the cool kid on campus who doesn’t need a car, bike, or Segway to get around. Armed with 6 hours of battery life, this baby should be useful for a full day’s worth of classes.

2. Be Smart, Wear a Smartwatch

College students need to be constantly connected but don’t need to be carrying around so many gadgets all at once. For practical purposes, wearing a smartwatch does the trick. With its fitness apps, reminders, and phone features, it’s a watch helps an otherwise forgetful college student keep track of his schedule. Now, if only this watch would do homework.

3. Photo Printers

College dorms would be bare and boring without any photos to spice it up. The question is, how does one get the photos out of the phone without having to use all that ink and paper from the printer? Answer? Get an instant photo printer. Run on batteries; it partners with your cell phone to allow the printing of wallet-sized photos that can be used to decorate any bare dorm room wall. The printer itself is just as big as an android phone but weights a little more than the phone because of the batteries. Use these for on the spot pictures required for project brainstorming with your group. Spice up the meeting with crazy photos that can be stuck anywhere like a poster. This gadget is the life of any party or dorm room.

4. The Rechargeable Back Pack

Solar panelled backpacks have USB connector ports that help keep your gadgets charged during a long day at school. In the event of a power failure, this backpack stores enough power to keep your laptop running long enough for you to complete whatever it is that you need to be doing for class. Though a bit steeply priced, the bag is worth it as taking your own power bank with you to class means never having to look for a power outlet to plug into again.

5. Power Banks

Don’t let the sleek look and slim size fool you. These candy-coloured, phone-sized battery packs carry enough of a wallop to give your mobile phone a full charge. Bigger power banks are required to power up a laptop or a tablet. It’s best to have one or two of these handy in the event of a power outage or bad weather that could take out the electricity. Never be without power again.

6. Apps That Help with Homework

Dome is an app meant to help keep your schedule on track. If there are certain tasks that you wish you could get out off, this app will remind you not to do that. Functioning like a private secretary, all you have to do is swipe to dismiss tasks already completed. Make sure to check out how to add items to the list. Keeping track of your day will be a breeze with the help of this app.

7. VR Goggles

Samsung recently launched their VR Goggles for educational use. Based on the curriculum for particular courses, the goggles are expected to take the student all the way to the time of antiquity or allow the student to visit historical places without having to leave the comfort of the classroom. This is a unique way to study but certainly removes the charm from the school trips that took the students to the actual locations. This will work very well for the science experiment aspect of education though. Since the VR goggles allow for the animated presentation of scientific and mathematical discussions in class.

Although these gadgets tend to run up the price of education these days, they do have some pretty serious actual uses for the responsible student. Being without these gadgets would affect the education of the student more  than the lifestyle.

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