Most Common Unforeseen Travel Events That Can Ruin Your Trip

Yeah, we get that travel insurance may be the least priority of your “travel necessities,” as it’s deemed as one of the most unexciting purchases people make as they prepare to take off for their trips. Still, it’s one of the most important purchase you can ever make before travelling to your destination.

Contrary to what some people think, insurance isn’t just for people who are planning to kick the bucket, climbing massive mountain ranges, diving to the depths of exotic oceans, or protecting their huge amount of possession. The advantage of travel insurance claim over not having one is vast, and you need simply to search online to see why you can’t afford not to have one. It is specifically created to protect every traveller from the hitches that might happen pre-flight and extends all the way to the destination.

Here are the most common unforeseen events that could ruin your trip.

1. You got lost or miss an arrival time. 

Say you’re travelling to the great unknown – or just the outback – and got lost. Your travel insurance can cover for you. However, try not to get lost on your travels. As any commuter will tell you, things don’t always run on time, and if you arrive late for your flight due to any unavoidable circumstance like accidents, acts of nature, etc. your insurance can cover for you.

2. Your passport got lost or stolen. 

Of all things that can get lost while travelling, the passport has got to be the worst thing you can lose. If you lose your visa, passport, or another form of identification, your travel insurance has you covered. Having a plan that even has your passport covered will come in handy when you are stuck in New York/Sydney/Bangkok, etc., waiting for your new one to come through. It might take weeks, leaving you having to pay for food and hotel.

3. Your belongings get lost. 

One of the primary reasons why a travel insurance will give you peace of mind is because it will help protect your belongings in the event they get stolen or lost in the airport. This comes very handily if you’ll be bringing expensive jewellery or gadgets with you abroad.

4. You got sick and need medical assistance.

You can tell yourself not to get sick when travelling; you even load up on multivitamins, but there’s always that “What if…” clinging to the back of your mind. Getting sick with the flu, rashes, dengue or the sickness common to the area you’re going to can cause concern. You need treatment, you need a doctor, but without travel insurance, you might pay huge medical bills. With a travel insurance, you are insured when you do get sick. Wouldn’t that take boulders off your shoulder?

5. Weather and Natural Disasters. 

Say you travelled to the Caribbean during the hurricane season, then you absolutely need a travel insurance to protect yourself and your belongings from any unexpected weather event that Mother Nature decided to set your way.

It’s very common for travellers to experience the circumstances above, and having the advantage of travel insurance claim will remove most, if not all of your worries. It may be the last thing on your pre-travel to-do list, but this small and affordable add-on could be the most important thing you do before heading to a new destination, whether domestic or international.

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