Mooncakes Festival 2019 – Mooncakes In Singapore With A Deliciously Creative Twist

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, and there are great chances that you will undoubtedly get a few boxes of mooncakes to share with your loved ones over the coming weeks. Rather than going for the usual flavours of mooncakes, why not this year try some mooncakes filled with coffee custard pineapple and many more made with delicious twists? Here is a list of best mooncake in Singapore made with a deliciously creative twist, which will make you feel ecstatic and over the moon!

1. Delectable Treats With Creative Twists-Best Mooncake in Singapore by Bing Liang Bakery

Bing Liang Bakery consistently offering the best mooncakes in Singapore for over 2 decades. And this year too, Bing Liang Bakery has created a variety of innovative mooncakes in Singapore such as Lotus Mooncake, Pandan Mooncake, Green Tea Mooncake, White Lotus Mooncake, Durian Mooncake and Red Bean Mooncake.

Go for one of its uniquely crafted Pandan Mooncakes which we would suggest is the best one as these mooncakes are baked using real Pandan leaves to create the best natural taste ever. The soft, delicious and chewy Pandan core is completely filled with crispy roasted seeds that will encourage your taste buds to ask for more! So go ahead with these irresistible mooncakes and their fanciest packaging makes a perfect gifting option to celebrate mooncakes festival 2019.

2. Espresso and Chocolate Custard Mooncakes by Ralph’s Coffee

Ralph Lauren’s own one of a kind coffee house, Ralph’s Coffee, launches its very own creation of mooncake this year, featuring two exclusive flavors – chocolate custard and espresso custard. They uniquely designed the mooncakes novelty box molded like a coffee cup, which can illuminate at a flash of a switch. So, you must try this marvellous mooncake as the taste of the coffee and delectable fragrance and of these mooncakes are truly delightful and leave you to want more.

3. Unique blend of pickled ginger and preserved eggs mooncakes by Lung King Heen

In Mooncakes festival 2019, Lung King Heen is all set to offer their valued customers the well-kept secret of their restaurant which is a unique combination of preserved eggs and pickled ginger mooncakes. The innovative idea behind this rare version is century egg tart, a classic Chinese wedding cake given to brides-to-be for their betrothal ceremony. The contemporary twist of this traditional mooncakes absolutely filled with a creamy texture with a perfect flavour of sweetness and tartness.

4. Refreshing Mooncakes with a healthy twist by Tea WG

What about switching to an eatable version of tea instead of drinking it?

Tea WG offers the uncommon version of mooncakes in Singapore that come in four tea-infused forms, from the Constellation which is completely infused with the breakfast tea popular in Singapore, Harvest – a Camelot tea, Jewel – a kind of chocolate tea, and Ruby – geisha bloom tea. You can perfectly blend with them with the brand’s recently launched White Sky tea, a Yin Zhen white tea perfectly mixed with fragrant ylang-ylang flowers that gives it a refreshing and healthy touch.

5. Vegan mooncakes by Green Common

Who said veggie lovers have to miss out their favourite Mid-Autumn Festival treats? Its handcrafted mooncakes come in two varieties, perfectly blended nuts, dates & figs and blueberry. Ingredients have been picked by keeping the health in mind and incorporate almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds, which are all protein-rich.

So, get ready to celebrate mooncakes festival 2019 with these innovative and the best mooncake in Singapore and share them these creations with your loved ones too to make the most of this celebration.

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