Datuk Dr. Stella Chin wins 4 Stevie Awards for Melilea International

Huge congratulations to Datuk Dr. Stella Chin for winning a total of not one, but 4 Stevie Awards at the 12th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business in the USA! It was an honour to attend the congratulatory event and witness Datuk Dr. Stella Chin give a speech to thank everyone for the support and talk about the ordeals she had to face in order to achieve her success today


Datuk Dr. Stella Chin is the founder and executive president of Melilea International. Founded in 2002, together with Datuk Dr. Alan Wong, they held a simple faith to transform the lives of people around them by producing pure, zero-pollution organic food, which is able to improve one’s health and vitality.


Melilea enthusiastically organizes health talks around the world and strongly encourages people to take charge of their own health by consuming a cleaner diet and consider organic products whenever possible. Promoting good health and saving the earth is their core foundation, and up to date, Melilea has become a world leader in organic food and living.

Datuk Dr. Stella Chin’s speech has given inspiration to all of us sitting there. I particularly remember the phrase that left the strongest impact on me – “Don’t be lazy, success is never easy”.

Along those lines, you can tell that she is a woman who went through many obstacles and tribulations to build up Melilea from scratch. How many of us are able to wake up one day and suddenly put into action to build a global organic food empire?

It is easy to be lazy, but it is not easy to be successful. By taking it easy, we’re choosing the average path that 90% of the world follows.

Not only that, Datuk Dr. Stella has stressed that family is extremely important in life. Even if you fought tooth and bone to become a successful entrepreneur, it will mean nothing at all if your family bonds were sacrificed in the process.

“What is the point of success if your loved ones are not there to share it with you?” – Datuk Dr. Stella Chin

In fact, she has humbly proclaimed that ultimately, family is still the most important thing to have in the world. I appreciate the values that she holds deeply and her speech also served as a reminder to us to never lose our friends and family during the mad pursuit of ‘success’. A poor man with a happy family is richer than a wealthy man who is lonely.

Moving forward, we would also like to introduce some of the benefits that you can consider through Melilea’s organic foods. I understand that nowadays, there is a trend of “organic product” companies springing up and many of us fear that it could be a Multi-level marketing (MLM) scam. These new, shady companies are giving the real organic companies a bad rep.

However, Melilea has already gone through vigorous testing and checks, and has met the 5-star requirements of organic classification in the USA.


In fact, after going through a bit of sampling, I absolutely adored the Organic Apple Orchard. The ingredients only include 100% organic foods, consisting of Green Apple, Lime, Rose Hip and Cranberry. After mixing the powder with water, it tastes very refreshing and feels similar to freshly squeezed juice – I could not tell much of a difference. It is not sweet at all and has a slightly sour tinge to it due to the lime ingredient, and this is a great indicator that the formula has detoxification benefits as well.

Alternatively, if you want to go for the healthiest option, where in fact you can avoid any consumption of fructose, there is the original Melilea organic botanical powder. It is made from natural plant sources, and full of fiber as well. The solution is bursting with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will cleanse your body of toxic substances as well as provide it with the essential nutrients.

It is typically used a meal replacement for those seeking to lose weight. A great idea is to combine a scoop of this together with the Apple Orchard powder (mentioned above) so that the taste is better and easier to swallow. The apple organic blend will be very pleasing and nutritious as an alternative to a heavier meal. I’d personally prefer the apple mix as I prefer a hint of fruits while consuming organic drinks! However, health gurus can consider taking the Organic blend by itself for maximum nutrition.


Lastly, Melilea’s organic soya drink uses 100% organic beans grown exclusively in the fertile black soils of the Heilong Jiang, China.

The beans are full of plant protein and vitamins, free of preservatives – unlike those you’d get in the supermarket. It has a smoother and natural taste as compared to your typical dou hua drink sold locally – and the best part is no sugar is added at all. The high protein value that comes with this drink is a great workout booster, muscle builder and boosts your overall metabolism.

As a bonus, it is suitable for infants with digestive problems or allergy to cow’s milk, so this is a great alternative idea for mothers who need a solution for their children as well.

These 3 products that we introduced are only a small portion of the huge inventory that Melilea holds. Melilea also specializes in other categories such as skincare, body care and slimming solutions. Once again we would love to give Datuk Dr. Stella Chin our heartiest congratulations to building this company from scratch and promoting good health around the world. It is indeed a very noble cause.



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