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The operations of the medical realm is one which is pretty complex and users usually neglect it till they need the service. The folks behind GetDoc have managed to incorporate information technology to help streamline greater ease in how they approach businesses and services. In the realm of med tech, they have made many remarkable pushes to bring better healthcare to the world around us.

However there is a lapse and disconnect in the simple but often overlooked matter of finding the right medical practitioner.

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A study done a few years back found that a significant number of patients who weren’t receiving as much quality care as they should, rated the doctors they were seeing based on other factors. Factors that alongside more pressing issues (for example, a higher mortality rate) that paled in comparison (bedside manner and service) had been the deciding factors to mitigate whether or not negligent medical procedures were met with legal action by the patients.

Treating a common cold, you could do a walk in without making an appointment. What if there is a more specific medical condition that needs to be addressed and requires follow up treatments to resolve? With such extended care, there might come a time when the doctor would need more tests conducted, and referrals to another specialist would incur additional costs, which might or might not be justified.

Looking at the study side by side with the logistical requirements needed we can see that there is a discrepancy for what people would consider to be good service that lets the patient feel good  about the consultation and experience, compared to what would be good for them from an objective medical standpoint.

The combination of logistics, tangibles and intangibles in a person’s medical consultation and treatment experience means there isn’t really a “one size fits all” approach to matching a patient with the right health care provider.

The relationship between a medical practitioner and patient has many more intricacies that go beyond a service rendered. The level of care, expertise and experience each patient need is varied.

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Introducing GetDoc!

GetDoc helps match the perfect doctor to fit your needs through your mobile. With search criterias matching location and specialisation, and available time slots, getting medical care and checkups would fit your schedule much more easily.

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You’ll be given information on the level of experience the doctor has, and more insight to the procedures and processes that will follow as well as information via ratings done by other patients to find the perfect fit. You can even find the insurance company that is covered by the doctor in the App.

doctorsWith GetDoc, they have successfully bridged the lapse and want to bring greater ease and accessibility to the way patients get in touch with their doctors, to find the best match for your needs.

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