Pop’s Secret For His Girlfriend Fern – Okinawa Japan

Pop and Fern are a young artsy pair of lovers from Bangkok, Thailand. Despite having recovered from a heart attack two years ago, Pop was determined to keep on running. Fern was naturally worried about him overexerting himself but was never did she realise that Pop was running for her and her cat Money.

They visit Okinawa to chill out and enjoy time together before their wedding. Being creative folks themselves, they interacted with local craftsmen and immersed themselves in the production of mystical cat-like creatures called Shisa famous for being guardian against evil spirits in Okinawa.

After a few days on the Okinawa islands, Pop feels he is ready to reveal the secret that he’s hidden from Fern. The secret to why he has been running despite his heart problems and this video tells Pop’s secret.

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