Julie’s Secret For His Father – Okinawa Japan

Julie is blessed with Lonnie, her father who loved her so much that he sacrificed his youth working hard to provide the best for her. He has never travelled out of United States for the past 65 years of his life. He never understood Julie’s fascination with travelling, he has this personal belief that travelling is a waste of time and money.

Julie was surprised that her father finally agree to venture out of United States to the gorgeous islands of Okinawa in Japan. She wanted to introduce him to the excitement of foreign travel which he did. When he let go of the dive boat and put his face into the azure green water of Okinawa, he finally saw things from Julie’s perspective.

He grew more curious of his new-founded experiences and soften his hard views to life. The magical environment in Okinawa got him to open up to new things. Julie felt that it was time to share with him a very sensitive personal secret. Watch the video below to find out:

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