Meal Kit Delivery Services On A Budget

Meal kit delivery is a subscription food service model where pre-portioned and sometimes, pre-cooked foods are delivered to customers, either on a weekly or daily basis. Meal kits have become increasingly popular, especially with people seeking healthier diets and weight loss support. Unfortunately, some meal kit delivery services come with a high price tag, and this has left out many people who are not able to afford the luxury of food delivery services. Mealkite provides a list of some of the affordable meal kit services.

Home Chef

This meal-delivery service has meals that start from as little as $7 per serving. The meal plans are not just cheap, but some have short preparation times so you will also save time and cooking energy. Home Chef also offers free delivery for orders of more than $49. The various cost-cutting options make this meal kit delivery service a great option for people with a tight budget. Meals are also set for every five weeks so you can easily budget and plan your meals.

Meals By chef B

Meals By Chef B is a “Chef Forward” company created by a CHEF and owned by a CHEF.  Simply put – “FOOD and Client Satisfaction comes first!” Quality, flavour, everything down to the garnish is done for the enjoyment of our food not only profit! We feel that a Chef owned and operated business lends itself to much more care and appreciation of the products, ingredients, and clients! On top of all of that, we are one of the few Home Meal Delivery Companies in South Florida, if not the only, that offers all of our meals in Family Portions AND we have a Kids Menu! We know that life gets busy and it’s not just about feeding mom and dad! We think that when you try us you’ll experience the difference!


EveryPlate is another affordable meal delivery service, with some meal plans going for $5 per serving. When ordering for meal delivery, you can request for servings that are enough for two or four people. Three meals for two people cost $39, while servings for four people for the same number of meals will set you back $70. These charges include delivery fees. The recipes are simple, so kitchen novices can easily prepare the meals without feeling overwhelmed by their inadequacies in the kitchen.

Fresh and Easy

As the name suggests, Fresh and Easy delivers fresh produce with simple recipes that can be followed by anyone. Most of the meals are ready to eat in less than 30 minutes, so it is not just an ideal service for people seeking affordable meal kit delivery services, but those who don’t have much time to spare for meal preparation.

Foods that need to be cooked in the oven come already sliced and diced, and already in oven-safe trays. Cold options, like the salads, only need to be put together and tossed. Fresh and Easy saves you the preparation, and after clean up, so you can still maintain your schedule knowing you only need a few minutes for your food to be ready.

The price for three meals a week for two people costs $60, while four people would pay $119. The price includes delivery fees.

Hello Fresh

While most budget meal kit delivery services use price and preparation time as a selling point, Hello Fresh comes on board with not just friendly prices, but meals plans for people with an array of skills in the kitchen.

So, people who want simple meals get to have them, while those who want a challenge also get recipes that do just that but at affordable rates. Hello Fresh also occasionally showcases new cooking techniques and ingredients for those who crave a change in diet. Three meals for two people cost $60, while a family of four will pay $96.  

The introduction of cheaper meal options has brought in consumers who were initially worried about the cost of meal kit delivery services being beyond their reach. The budget-friendly services also work for those who want to explore ways they can make a saving and still eat high-quality meals.

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