Why McDonald’s Tops Burger King & Wendy’s In New Survey?

A new survey proves that McDonald’s is better than other fast-food brands. Over 2,000 diners of fast food were included in this survey. McDonald’s beat Wendy’s and Burger King with a significant margin. Customers like the services of McDonald’s in different categories, such as speedy service and value. Wendy’s was second in this survey, and Burger King came third. Survey of UBS Evidence Lab got the feedback of more than 2000 adults who visit these restaurants each month.

As per the results of the survey, McDonald beats out its competitors in different areas, such as promotions, price, and good value. People like national deals and dollar menu of McDonald’s. After exciting promotions and good value, respondents rate each restaurant for new food items, improve food and accessible locations. Everything was in favor of McDonald. They were not affected by new beverages, atmosphere, and cleanliness of restaurants.

In this list, Subway got fourth rank. Taco Bell and KFC earned fifth and sixth positions respectively by the respondents of the survey.

McDonald’s report increase in quarterly sales in April. The sale was boosted by menu additions and latest promotions of the burger chain. During its first quarter, the restaurant launched new deals and make changes in the breakfast menu.

Customers were happy with applewood smoked bacon, donut sticks, and special breakfast sandwiches.

McDonald is modernizing its stores with wooden tables, faux leather chair, and digital menus. They are taking these steps to attract diners. Remember, these steps are necessary to work in a competitive market.

Wendy’s New Drive on Results

After these results, Wendy’s is ready to improve its services and level of customer satisfaction. They launched a portal Wendy’s Survey to get feedback from customers. After each meal at Wendy’s, you are advised to share your experience at TalktoWendys.

They need your opinion to identify problematic areas and make the necessary changes. Wendy’s offers different rewards to increase the loyalty of customers. Once you complete a survey, you can win $500 cash (sweepstakes), a free entrée or discount coupons for next Wendy’s meal.

If you are older than 13 years, you are eligible to take this survey. You must have Wendy’s receipt. This survey is available for the residents of Canada, the UK, and the US. Visit their official website to take this survey. It is an excellent way to rate your experience to Wendy’s restaurants. Customers have to share their opinion on service, food, and relevant subjects.

There is no need to worry about the safety of your details. They will not share your information with a third party. You can take this survey once a month.

Speciality of Wendy’s

You can get delicious sandwiches, fries, and hamburgers from Wendy’s.

Almost 6,711 restaurants are operating in America. Customers recognize them for the quality of meat. Three signature items are available on Wendy’s menu, such as sea salt fries, frosty, and square hamburgers. They offer delicious dinner, lunch, and breakfast.

Some other prominent items on their menu are ciabatta bacon cheeseburger, black bean burger, mushroom met, etc. If you want to win special prizes, you should take their free survey.

Importance of Loyalty Programs for Fast Food Chains

Increasing competition in the food industry makes it necessary for food chains to offer loyalty programs to customers. These efforts are required to attract new clients. Food apps must be an essential part of marketing plans.

You have to partner with these apps to attract customers. These are suitable for loyalty programs and gamification. Offer discount or free purchases to visitors after a particular number of visits.

Promote Personalized Content

You can develop intimate and personal engagement with users through UGC (user-generated content). A photo competition may encourage customers to share the images of their favorite meal at your restaurant.

Offer attractive prizes or free appetizers to lucky contestants. Promoting and hosting this content can increase the number of loyal customers. If you want to develop an excellent reputation among customers, you have to show off your staff. Smiling staff members can increase your goodwill.

Stay connected with your customers through social media. With a strong presence on social media, you can get a competitive edge. Nowadays, overlooking social media can decrease your profit.

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