LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe 11.11 & 12.12 Online Revolution

Year-end does have its fair share of cheers and headaches. It is the perfect time to revamp wardrobe and freshen things up at home but you will also be faced with headaches of what to get for friends and family for year-end celebrations. Fret not, because LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe 11.11 & 12.12 Online Revolution offers you over 150 million products with discounts going up to 90% and 110 flash deals on 11 November as well as 12  to 14 December 2017! We are here to share 10 of our personal favourite brands to get you started on your online retail spree! As a special treat to our readers, there will be an exclusive shopping link for additional 18% discounts off the existing promotion!

Top Brands At LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe 11.11 / 12.12 Online Revolution

1. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – DELSEY

With 70 years of experience, Delsey provides not only durable suitcases but bag packs as well. Delsey undeniably French, innovative, with a subtle elegance and showing no regard for convention. So Delsey would be ideal to help replace the worn out backpack or the overused luggage.

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2. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – LENOVO

Now a shout out to all my gamer friends or spouses and parents of one, Lenovo is providing a huge array of gaming upgrades to LAZADA during this sale period. I don’t know about you but as a gamer, I am always looking out to upgrade my system to the best in the lowest price and Lazada is providing lots of them.

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3. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe  – XIAO MI

Let us be honest, with the advance of modern technology most of us can’t communicate without a handphone and we have become very dependent on one. I myself personally bring out two fully charged power banks where ever I go. Just in case my phone ran out of battery or my friends forget to bring theirs out. When it comes to gift exchanges and I am sure many of you will bump into these problems. We may not always know what to get for our Secret Santa as we don’t know them well, so here is my answer to your woes.  A power bank, not just any power bank get a Xiao Mi power bank. Not only are they affordable but durable as well. Everyone appreciates a proper power bank. Hint Hint.

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4. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – NIVEA

When it comes to travelling, especially to countries that have more then one season the one thing people always forget or don’t bring is a moisturizer. Some of you do bring a small bottle up the plane to keep your skin moisturize but how long is that small bottle going to last you if you did not pack one in your back as well? No one travels that far to experience the seasons and stay for only a few days. So an investment on a proper moisturizer is required. Daily moisturizing of the skin is also the best way to prevent active ageing. So remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

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5. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – JBL

There’s something amazing about an audio system turning your space into a concert and making you feel like you’re in the centre of it all, or just being lost with the rhythms and pulses as your travelling.  But finding the system and budget can be difficult unless there is an equally amazing sale!

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6. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – RAY-BAN

Since the introduction of the iconic Aviator model created for the aviators of the United States Army, Ray-Ban has been at the forefront of cultural change. Whenever we think of sunglasses, we think of Ray-Bans. Especially in a country where it is summer all year round. So take this chance and grab a pair of high-end shades at low prices.

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7. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – M.A.C

When it comes to make-up there are many brands out there, but there is a handful that shines among them all. One of such is none other then M.A.C from their famous range of brushes to their huge range of shades and colour. We all know how expensive they sometimes can be, so take this opportunity to get rid of that expired makeup and worn out brushes.

8. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – PHILIPS

Are you home appliances making a funny sound? Or know someone who has been using that same toaster for years or you just needed that juicer or air fryer to change your family’s eating habits. Lazada provides you with the chance to make those dreams come true. You don’t need to wait for the next IT fair and queue and squeeze with a hundred others, all your answers are just one click away.

9. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe – NEW BALANCE

With 2018 right at the corner why don’t you take this chance and kick-start your New Year’s resolution early? Grab a pair of New Balance Shoes and go for that run you have been procrastinating. With New Balance, you can assure that your feet stay comfortable and stylish as well.

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10. LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe  – SURPRISE BOX

The LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe  “Surprise Box” consists of coveted products from prestigious brands such as L’Oreal Paris, Razer, SASA and Laneige to name a few. Each box will feature a specific brand and a specific category of products. Each box costs only SDG$29 but worth more than SGD$100. On top of that one of those boxes has a hidden Grand Prize inside. All I can say is ringing ring ring. I would suggest to load up your wishlist with the items you want and once the clock passed midnight click on this link below and may your wishes come true. Happy Holidays!

LAZADA Singapore Shop the Universe Exclusive 18% Off Promo

Now is the best time to shop at Lazada with 18% Discount! To enjoy this offer, simply head over to and start shopping, key in the promo code “LAZOR2017NEW” upon check out (Capped at $11 for first 100 NEW Customers only). Available from 11th Nov ‘17 to 14th DEC ‘17.

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