It’s raining love in Daegu

Love is raining in Daegu, literally. The third largest city in South Korea has overwhelmed me with love in just one day. It may come as a surprise that the buzzling city can present a huge number of romantic explorations during the spring season.

From visiting the famous Love Rain K- drama shooting sites, 83 Tower Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival, Apsan Observatory View and Apsan café street, there are just too many places to indulge in love with the Daegu City.

First stop- Keimyung University


If you are a K-Drama fan, the famous Korean drama, “Love Rain” which starred Girls’ Generation Yoona and Jang Geun Suk won’t be a stranger to you. You’ll remember the scenes where the two characters fell in love at Keimyung University. The Western-style red brick buildings and dreamy atmosphere make it one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in Korea.

In spring, be accompanied by the cherry blossoms while talking a stroll around the campus. It’s hard not to fall in love with someone if you are studying in Keimyung University!

My favorite spot is the iconic green bench where In Ha met Yoon-Hee and it was love at first sight! A perfect place to take a breather and soak in the school’s motto – “For the Kingdom of Truth, Justice and Love.”


Still cant get enough of the drama? Retrace the steps of Jang Geun Suk and sit on Inha’s favorite chair at Cest la Vie Music café, an alluring ’70s-inspired music café dressed up with vintage furniture. Be entertained by a wholesome collection of vinyl records while you sit all day and immerse yourself in 70s’ nostalgia.



I was mostly drawn to the yellow umbrellas abundantly displayed in various corners of the cafe. The yellow umbrella was an iconic prop used in one of the key scenes in Love Rain. The lively yellow from the umbrella pops on screen against a muted landscape of greens and blues, creating a visual landscape that resembles a watercolour painting.

One special thing about the umbrella is that it forms the shape of hearts when dampened with water!


You can purchase the yellow umbrella at the café and use it under the showers of cherry blossom petals at 83 Tower Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival held at E-World. More than 1000 cherry blossom trees will greet you at the main entrance of E world.


E- World was an iconic theme park in Daegu City. The moment you step into the theme park, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an infectiously happy atmosphere. Families, lovers, children – everyone was enjoying themselves. I felt a moment of peace at E -World, taking in the scent of the pink flowers that filled the air – a brief respite from the stress and humdrum of city life.

There is something for everyone. If you are a not fan of adrenalin inducing rides, you can always opt to go up the 83 Tower, where you will get an extravagant view of the entire city from a vantage point like no other.

Alternatively, if you love hiking, you might want to take a 1.5 mile out-and-back trail located near the city of Nam-gu to catch the night view of Daegu at Apsan Observatory. This is a hike that is relatively easy to accomplish without much preparation. It is also a perfect pilgrimage for couples who want to declare their love for each other. Up at the observatory, you will find “love locks” scattered around the transparent tempered railings. The best time to visit is right before sunset so you can catch a paranomic view of the city as it transitions into the night.


From the Apsan Observatory, take a short walk down to the main road of Apsan and you will experience South Korea’s awe-inspiring café culture at the Apsan Café street. This street is lined up with cherry blossoms and lots of fabulous cafes and restaurants with unique concepts, lovely interior designs and refreshing menus for you to choose. CaféBene, an international coffeehouse chain based in Seoul is located at the cross junction of Apsan Café Street. Famous for its authentic Belgian Liege Waffles and exceptional coffee, it is a must-visit if you happen to be in the area.

Apsan Cafe Street was a vibrant street bursting with life – a delightful venue for me to end the night.

Colourful Daegu it is.




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