5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Home Cooked Meals For Your Dog

Do you always buy meals for your dog at your local food store? Does the idea of preparing homemade foods for your dog overwhelm your thoughts because of obligations and responsibility that it comes with? If yes then you are not alone. Many prefer to buy already made food at their local store to avoid the many hustle of preparing homemade food for dogs. A study that was conducted recently showed that people who prepare food for their dogs generally have healthier, more active and happier dogs. Let’s find out more! 

What exactly is home cooked meals for dog?

Before we focus on the benefits of coming up with you own homemade dog food recipes, let us first look at what this term mean. Commercial dog food that you buy at your local store is a special food that has been formulated to meet dog’s nutritional needs.

On the other hand homemade cooked meals are much fresher because they are made from fresh ingredients. Home cooked meal for dogs not only meet the nutritional needs of your dog but the meal is able cater for individual needs of the dog. In addition to that, you will know exactly what your dog is eating meaning that you will minimise the chances of food poisoning.

5 surprising health benefits of home cooked meals for your dog

1. Stronger teeth

Every dog needs to have strong and healthy teeth. This is because the teeth is the only weapon that the dog rely on to feed as well as protect itself from danger. Unfortunately, commercial dog meals don’t in any way help to strengthen the dog’s teeth.

Dogs are natural predators meaning that their teeth have been designed to tear flesh. However, commercial foods have already been cooked and processed meaning that the dog cannot use its teeth to tear through. This makes the teeth weak making the dog less aggressive.

However, if you feed your dog with homemade dog food recipes, you will help strengthen its teeth making it more active and aggressive.

2. Improved gut health

Unlike commercial dog meals that contain a lot of preservatives and fillers that can negatively affect your dog’s gut health, home-cooked meal for dogs have been prepared using fresh natural ingredients that do not have any negative effect on your dog’s gut.

Homemade meals will ensure that the dog gets a moisturized food that it needs. You will also get to eliminate preservatives and fillers that may negatively affect its gut. The nutritional level of homemade dog meals are also far much higher when compared to those that have been bought at the local food store.

3. Healthy skin

Are you worried about the general health condition of your dog’s skin? Does your dog’s skin looks worn out or it is too dry? If yes then chances are the condition is as a result of the food that you have been feeding it.

Just like human skin, your dog’s skin needs essential vitamins and nutrients in order to thrive. Commercial dog foods are usually dry hence unable to provide the much needed moisture that your dog needs. Dogs usually lose much of their moisture by cooling themselves through mouth evaporation. If the moisture is not replaced, then the dog risk developing skin complications.

Homemade dog meals will not only give the dog the required nutrients and minerals but will also give it the moisture that will help enhance its skin health.

4. It improves mental health

One thing that makes a dog irritated and frustrated is giving it a meal that it does not like. If you feed your dog with a well prepared homemade meal, the dog will generally be playful and jovial.

Giving your dog a well prepared homemade meal will make it more active, a factor that will help trigger the brain to release chemicals that will help enhance its moods and lower anxiety. As a result, the dogs will generally be more interactive, friendly and stress free.

5. Improve kidney health

Main cause of kidney problem on is taking toxic foods. Studies have shown that dogs that feed on home cooked meals usually spray more often than those that feed on commercially preferred meals. Homemade meals have less toxic because they are prepared with natural ingredients. Feeding your dog with homemade foods will greatly help to improve its kidney health.

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