6 Qualities You Need To Be A Great Restaurant Chef

“If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did.” – Gordon Ramsay. If you are one those who aspire to be a world-renowned chef out there, worry not because listed in here are the qualities that you need in order to be a great restaurant chef, and without this one cannot flourish on being a professional chef.

In the restaurant industry, competition can be fierce. Along with success, there will come failures too but you have to keep on fighting to become the best in that field. You don’t have to start out great, like most of us, for instance, I was average when I started out in the kitchen but I got better as time goes by. Skills are not honed in one night, they are slowly crafted as you go along that path. Chefs share similar qualities that help them put an edge and perfect their line of career. Below are 6 qualities that you will need if you want to be great in that trade.

1. Creativity



Whether you are an executive chef, a head chef, a sous chef, a pastry chef, or whatever hierarchy you are in, cooking combines art and science, working together in unison. A great chef doesn’t need a cookbook, to begin with, the best recipes cannot be found inside those pages, it is found on your perseverance in innovation and creativity. From the ingredients that you use to the preparation to execution and plating, the best chefs let their personality shine on every dish they make. And never give up on being passionate about what you are doing, for this passion will be an everlasting challenge that will help you stay ahead in that competition.

2. Passion



With creativity comes a passion. And if you are lacking in this area, then you won’t be able to succeed in the culinary industry. Being passionate means that you thrive on growth, you enjoy every process of what good food is, from creation to producing top quality menus. This same desire lets you push those boundaries in perfecting your skills and improving it.

3. Leadership



A chef is the one who is responsible in the kitchen but there is no “just me” in a commercial kitchen setting, you will also have a team to go along with. Busy kitchens can be intense but being able to handle those situations from delegating tasks to your team to maintaining a harmonious environment will determine how great of a chef you are.


4. Detail Oriented


Food preparation requires great attention to detail, and if you are aspiring on becoming a great chef you should have this quality. Cooking is a very complicated process of measuring every ingredient and mixing them accordingly to make a beautiful dish. Missing even the smallest details can alter the taste of your food. From using salt instead of sugar to a single strand of hair can ruin a perfect meal and put your reputation in jeopardy. Successful chefs are able to see the accomplished product, yet also identify which bit of ingredient is missing to perfect that dish.


5. Able to Handle Criticism


Nobody is perfect, even though you are already the best chef out there, you still have something to learn. Not all of your dish is going to please the crowd, especially when you’re just starting out. Great chefs must be able to accept criticism from customers, just accept it, analyze then make it into a positive thought by improving your craft. You need to be open-minded and willing to change your style to assist your workplace and the people that choose your restaurant.


6. Quick Decisions


A restaurant kitchen layout in Saudi Arabia varies from places. Making good decisions and thinking quickly when problems arise inside the restaurant is another attribute that will make you a great chef. While it is easy to get overwhelmed with the stressful environment, you still need to have control over your emotions. And though time is of the essence inside the kitchen, resolving those problems quickly will leave customers happy and everything will be flowing smoothly.

Every time you step foot inside a kitchen, you always find great admiration for what you are doing or what you have done. Having this set of qualities is pivotal to your success in becoming a great chef. Work hard and never look back for greatness comes when you pursue what you truly love.

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