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Wanting to inspire Singaporean women to live life beautifully, Favful – a new beauty resource portal / app has just made its way onto our shores! Favful aims to be the TripAdvisor equivalent  for beauty products by rewarding reviewers (aka you and your BFFs) with their favourite beauty products.

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Why Reward For Reviews? 

Fewer and fewer consumers today make purchase decisions without first researching online. Everything from hotel stays to electronics, consumers are referring to user review sites before purchasing a product or service. The exact similar trend is occurring in the beauty industry particularly for the discovery of new products. Favful received more than 5,000 reviews for 18,800 of its listed items since they started in Kuala Lumpur in February this year.

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“Women waste an average of 5,846 beauty products in their lifetime and use only 10% of them due to insufficient information to cater to the individual’s needs. Clearly, there is still a gap in the beauty industry regarding the delivery of information,” says Sasha Tan, Founder of Favful.

To entice users to make reviews, Favful rewards them with points for sharing their experiences. These points can then be used to redeem beauty products. It is easy for anyone to start as each review is worth 50 points and redeemable products start at 400+ points.

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Looking to revolutionise the way women research and consume beauty products, Favful is a one-stop beauty platform designed to empower women. Favful helps them to make discerning beauty choices amidst the clutter of exaggerated advertising, fast paced lifestyles, and the plethora of beauty brands and products on the market.

“At Favful, we are passionate about pairing beauty needs with the convenience of accessible technology, not just to help beauty brands reach the right customers, but more importantly to empower consumers in making the right decisions,” says Sasha.

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In navigating the beauty labyrinth of brands and countless products, Favful will cover it all including skincare and makeup. With content curated ‘for beauty-lovers, by beauty-lovers’, users will enjoy a number of features including:

  • Helping to find the best deals through Price Comparison from different merchants
  • Reviews and Ratings Analysis about the product based on user’s skin type and age group
  • Necessary beauty information like tips, ingredients and tutorial videos all on one page
  • Rewards

With these features, Favful users will be able to make informed beauty purchases even on the go. To begin your journey towards revolutionising your beauty world, visit

Drop Favful a note at [email protected] and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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