Fun Ways To Get To & Explore The North Pole

Once a while, most of us will dream about heading to somewhere exotic or the most far-flung areas of our globe. One of such destinations is the mysterious North Pole which has intrigued humans for centuries and has yet to be fully explored by mankind. If visiting the North Pole is one of your bucket list items and you have some cash and time to spare, you can actually book a trip or venture there on your own! There are special agencies that send people north but more and more tourists today prefer to plan their own travels. Here are the different fun ways to get to the North Pole.

1. Ship

What can be more pleasing than an arctic cruise on board some of the biggest cruise ship on Earth? Your trip starts from Russia, where one of the icebreakers, designed especially for Arctic ice, picks up its passengers. Comfortable cabins design turns travel into a convenient ride to the white continent. Such liners can take more passengers than any other vehicles that go North and you do not need to worry about food or warmth – company handles both, offering a wide range of meals, drinks and comfortable rooms where no one gets cold.

2. Pulk

This short, low-slung small toboggan is used not only for sports and games. It is a proven mean of transport which is ideal for reaching the North Pole overland. If you think it is a cute dog sledge, that moves forward while you enjoy a day nap – say goodbye to those illusions. Travellers move pulks skiing. The trip is possible either from Canada or Russia. It means that one should pass about 300 miles to reach the aim. This is why they hire professional guides. Travel groups rarely consist of more than three people as it can cost them lives. Nevertheless, it is a nice experience one can hardly ever forget. Recommended for those, who love winter, cold and find it nice to stay in ice camp overnight.

3. Helicopter

There is no secret that on-air transport is more safe and fast than any other. This is why the rich spend millions on private jets and helicopters. Although, one should not be a millionaire to book a flight to the North Pole. Such trips are possible from Canada or Norway. Next stop is Barneo. This ice station locates about 60 miles away from the North Pole. A helicopter ride takes about 20 minutes during which, tourists can fully enjoy magnificent snow sceneries.

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