Fulfilling 1 Of 100 Wishes with Nestlé Singapore

In celebration of Nestlé 100 years anniversary in Singapore, 100 wishes will be fulfilled throughout 2012 as part of its 100 Wishes Project. I am proud to be involved in one of these meaningful wishes submitted by the father of Jeremy Chua, a mentor with the Tampines West Community Centre Youth Executive Committee (TWCC YEC) Mentoring Programme.


He submitted a wish for 19 of their students (aged 7-16) who come from low-income families and / or lack of proper home guidance to enjoy a fun one day outing. Nestlé honoured the wish & sponsored an all expenses paid day trip to both Snow City & Singapore Science Centre on Youth Day (1 July 2012).


The outing started 10am at Snow City. These young bubbly kids were accompanied by their familiar trained mentors appointed from Temasek Polytechnic. These dedicated mentors guide them in their daily school work, foster positive attitude and provide counselling support when necessary during the mentoring programme.


The kids could hardly hid their excitement as they put on their winter wear in preparation for the freezing interior. Once they are in the snow chamber, everyone enjoyed an hour of fun moulding snowballs, getting into friendly snow fights and sliding down the steep slope of the manmade snow hills. It’s a pity that Snow City does not allow us to capture most of the happy moments within. 🙁


After a memorable snow escapade, Calvin Timo, his girlfriend and I were ready with Nestlé  bags of goodies for our young participants.


It feels great to be able to interact with the kids and share the good stuff together.


Here’s what everyone received in their goodie bags. I had one too 😛


Next, the students were treated to a scientific exploration at the Science Centre Singapore for an edutaining time.


There were numerous scheduled shows where science theories were interestingly presented through real life demonstrations.


The Science Centre’s exhibition galleries featured more than 1000 individual exhibits, most of which are interactive and allowed our students to experience hands-on learning.


Of course, our attentive mentors were never too far away to explain and guide our young minds while they were grasping difficult concepts.


After an hour of mind stimulating activities at the Science Centre, the kids were treated to delicious MacDonald’s Happy Meals & Nestlé Milo at the fast food restaurant.


End of the day, everyone went back feeling happy, warm and fuzzy. These less privileged students rarely get the opportunity to enjoy social activities. This excursion trip allowed them to enjoy themselves leisurely while interacting socially and learning at the same time. It was both a treat and good break for these students.

If you have a burning wish that you need fulfilled, click here to express it to Nestlé in 100 words or less. Wishes should reflect the theme “Good Food, Good Life”.

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