Four Signs A Counselling Career Could Be Right For You

Trying to decide on a career path for yourself? If you just graduated in social science, humanities or psychology-related field, working as a counsellor or therapist can be an interesting option. Thanks to online Masters in Counselling Programs offered by Bradley University, it is now possible to get qualified for this kind of work without having to physically return to college, which means it is something you can study even if you have current work or family commitments. Here are four signs counselling could be the perfect job for you:

1. Your Friends Tell You All Their Problems

Most people talk to friends when they have issues in their lives or are feeling down, but we tend to talk more to people who are good listeners and don’t judge. These are very important skills for counsellors, and so if you find yourself being the go-to person when a friend has a crisis or just needs cheering up, then this could well indicate you’d be good at helping other people in this way too.

2. You Don’t Find Listening to People’s Problems Draining

Some people find it hard to listen to other people’s problems. It can make them feel emotional and sad for the person, or can simply drain their energy. Others, on the other hand, actually enjoy trying to help other people work through their issues, and see it as a challenge rather than something depressing.

If you fall into the latter category when your friends talk to you, then you are likely to find working constructively with counselling clients to move forward with their issues rewarding and interesting, rather than finishing each day emotionally drained by the things you have heard. 

3. You Are Genuinely Interested in People

Are you someone who makes friends with people when on a boring flight and wants to hear all about them? Do you love it when an old friend adds you on Facebook so you can hear what they have been up to in the years since you last saw them? Being interested in people and the differences in how we all live and think is something that will stand you in good stead as a therapist or counsellor. 

4. You Are Patient

Another personality trait that is a good indicator that you’d be good at counselling is patience. It can take some time to make breakthroughs or really get someone to open up about their problems, and this is to be expected in counselling. Being able to wait and gently push forward is a key skill.

These skills and personal traits are all things that could suggest you will not only be a very good counsellor but also someone who loves the job.

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