The Best Fit Testers You Need To Know – New Fit Testing Equipment

In huge numbers of the present working environment situations, a respirator and a legitimate respirator fit test are basic segments of employee respiratory protection. Fire administration and law enforcement representatives, just as modern organizations, industrial companies, and healthcare professionals have come to rely upon appropriately fitting respirators for assurance from respiratory risks, for example, chemical and ecological dangers, just as airborne biohazards.


Respirator-Fit testing helps ensure that the highest levels of respiratory safety are obtained through a properly sized and issued respirator if applied correctly. New fit testing equipment tests real-time movement while the individual actively completes a sequence of running, breathing, and talking movements designed to simulate the same on-field motions. With bit by bit direction, the equipment strolls you through the fittest.

Once the match test is complete, report generation is easy. The test records are loaded into the recall and regulatory compliance database.


Quantitative respirator fit testing is conducted by calculating the volume of DOP aerosol leakage into the breathing space between the respirator and the wearer’s nose.

In standard procedure and conventional technique, the quantities inside and outside the mask are photometrically evaluated by calculating the diffuse light intensities from the DOP clouds.

Previously, however, DOP has been implicated as a potential human cancer-causing agent. We have adjusted a constant flow condensation nuclei counter (CNC) for fit testing and have had the option to utilize an assortment of non-perilous test aerosols which are not quantifiable by the traditional method.


The new PortaCount kits ease your order by providing all you need in one go. Respirator fit testing on a tablet has all the monitoring options on a desktop or laptop device, including real-time FitCheckTM mode and measuring in real-time. Tablets provide a user-friendly, lightweight and versatile way of conducting respirator-fit tests, especially when evaluating large groups of wearers. PortaCount respirator kit fits testers by style, and the FitPro app works well on tablets. Many of the customers are demanding to use a PortaCount computer phone.


A Qualitative Mask Fit Respirator Test is the most common method of evaluation that includes most of the commonly used office masks such as N95, half face, and full-face respirators. The test involves the taste sensitivity of the individual being examined and can be extended to any form of the mask which has no separate air supply of its own.  Effective installation of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is crucial to ensure that a secure seal is made around the nose and that the respirator can avoid contaminant exposure. Nevertheless, human facial structure, facial hair such as stubble, beards, moustaches and sideburns, long hair, jewellery and make-up can all hinder the development of a strong bond, which ensures regular fit testing is important. If prescription glasses are used in combination with RPE, both should be tested to ensure that there is no risk to the efficacy of either.


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