First Ever Peranakan Arts Festival 2015 Launched In Singapore

Lovers of Peranakan culture are in luck because the first ever Peranakan Arts Festival 2015 has officially launched in Singapore! Spanning over 5 days from 4th to 8th November 2015, the Peranakan Arts Festival 2015 will feature 4 exhibitions, 3 seminars, 2 World Class Premiere shows and 1 Ba – Bazaar! The Peranakan Arts Festival programmes will be held at different locations in the historic civic district of Empress Place, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall and the Peranakan Museum.

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“The Festival has already created much excitement within the Peranakan community in the region.” said Mr Peter Wee, the President of TPAS. “The Festival brings TPAS’ mission of promoting and preserving the Peranakan culture to a new dimension. We are using the perspective of the Arts to take our culture into the future and to reach out to a new millennial younger generation. Local and international interests in our culture have reached a new high in recent years, both locally and internationally. The success of The Little Nyonya television series and the opening of the Peranakan Museum and the Baba House are prime examples. With more societies becoming multiracial, we feel that Peranakan culture can be held up as a forerunner of a truly harmonious global culture. There is immense ambassadorial potential in our unique culture.”

Aimed to make Singapore the leader of this new initiative in the region, patrons can look forward to the following highlights from Wednesday, 4th November 2015 to Sunday, 8th November 2015:

1. A Visual Arts Journey (4th to 8th November)

This exhibition features a historical collection of vintage fashion photographs from private collectors and displays of the latest works of Peranakan artists – Adeline Yeo, Desmond Sim and Carolyn Law – interpreting their own culture.

Peranakan Couple Visual Arts - AspirantSG

2. Three Peranakan Seminars (7th November 2015, Victoria Theatre)

Against rapid changes in society, how do the Peranakans continue their legacy into the future without diluting cultural authenticity?

9:00am – Baba Malay: Today and Tomorrow

As we weave through the discussion involving literature, music and the arts, this seminar addresses how Baba Malay is kept alive in everyday communications with the younger generation of Peranakans and how the language can be preserved and passed onto future generations.

10:15am – The Business of Being Peranakan: Authenticity and Sustainability

In today’s fast-paced business environment, gain insights into how consumerism affects the Peranakan culture, specifically from the vie
ws of Peranakan entrepreneurs.

11:45am – Adulation, Subjugation or Misplaced Identities: The Essence of Being Peranakan 50 years forward

Has the spirit that our forefathers led in society as businessmen, politicians and philanthropists dwindled over the years? Do Peranakans have to reinvent themselves? This closing discussion will be in true Peranakan style where everyone present will be invited to be heard.

Tickets are priced at $40 per seminar and $85 for 3 seminars. Includes tea break refreshments. To purchase, log onto

3. Bibiks Behind Bars, Kena Again! (5th to 8th November 2015, Victoria Theatre)

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Bibiks Behind Bars, Kena Again! is the sequel to the immensely successful ‘Bibiks Behind Bars’ that sold out shows staged in 2002. Written and directed by Baba Richard Tan, this hilarious musical comedy about gambling bibiks is back by popular demand and in celebration of SG50.

Die-hard habits have never left this Peranakan family! Watch out as the Bibiks of Katong keep up with the times, challenging old traditions and gambling with the new. Since the casinos have made their way into the shores of Singapore, the hopeful Bibiks have conjured up new tricks to challenge the odds of winning!

The gambling habits of the elder Peranakans have passed down the generations and are as addictive as ever before – or are they? This sequel to Bibiks Behind Bars features some ‘oh-so-familiar’ characters plus some fresh new faces that question and quizzle their Peranakan heritage and the habits of the elders!

Be ready for their scheming ‘tricks’ – their family gambling secrets – with surprising and hilarious consequences! Are there really secret formulas from their Peranakan forefathers? Will the kaypoh kaywat (inquisitive, fussy) auntie next door introduce other ‘sure win’ secret formulas? Or will they all wind up behind bars?

This fun-filled musical comedy, performed in both English and Baba Malay, is a must see for the whole family! Let your sides split with laughter as you catch these ‘Kaki-Judi’ game-blers indulge in their crazy, ‘Bey-Pio’, ‘Tiok-Toto’, ‘Kasi- nos’ antics. Lucky Numbers…? Boleh Kasi!

Bibiks Behind Bars, Kena Again! - AspirantSG

Get Your Tickets Now! 

Ticket Prices: Evening Show $85, $55 & Matinee Show $75, $45. Tickets are available at SISTIC from 1st July 2015.

Starring: Shirley Tay, Melvyn Chew, Catherine Sng, Francis Hogan, Richard Chia, Jackie Pereira, Reggie, Adriana Tanubrata, Amanda Germaine Lee, Dennis Heng, Matheus Ting, Koh Chieng Mun


– Thursday, 5th November 2015: 8pm

– Friday, 6th November 2015: 3pm & 8pm

– Saturday, 7th November 2015: 3pm & 8pm

– Sunday, 8th November 2015: 3pm & 8pm 3pm

4. Pintu Pagar! (4th to 8th November 2015, Victoria Concert Hall)

Pintu Pagar Peranakan Arts Festival - AspirantSG

Fall in love with this poignant Peranakan Love Story written and directed by award winning Playwright, Desmond Sim, specially for the Peranakan Arts Festival.

With a stellar cast of only 4 talents, this world premiere is staged in English, featuring veteran actors Henry Heng and Nora Samosir and 2 newcomers to the stage – Nicholas Bloodworth and Kimberly Chan.

This strategic combination bridges the generations of artistes to ignite a formidable bond on stage as they each embody multiple roles in this powerful 90-minute theatrical performance.

The best love stories are often told… apart.

Set in the old colonial days during the golden era of the Peranakans, a young sweet 14 year old Nyonya from a wealthy family struggles with love. She is loveless and does not believe in love.

Her neighbour’s son, all of 17 years old, comes from a Chinese immigrant family, an impoverished singkeh family.

What starts off as an antagonistic and prickly meeting between a pretty, sharp-tongued pragmatist and a dashing, handsome romantic will throw the two young lovers into a 40-year journey of just-missed opportunities, longing and heart-warming, selfless acts.

What lessons would they have learnt at the end of their journeys travelled separately, and apart? Will they manage to find each other in spite of four decades of missed chances and close encounters with each other? Or will they swing in tandem like the two doors of the Pintu Pagar – always to miss, never to connect and always to long for each other?

Pintu Pagar Peranakan Arts Festival 2015 - AspirantSG

Get Your Tickets Now!

Ticket Prices: Evening Show $75, $45 & Matinee Show $55, $35 Tickets are available at SISTIC from 1st July 2015.

Starring: Henry Heng, Nora Samosir, Nicholas Bloodworth and Kimberly Chan


– Wednesday, 4th November 2015: 7.30pm

– Friday, 6th November 2015: 2:30 pm & 7:30 pm

– Saturday 7th November 2015: 11am

– Sunday 8th November 2015: 11am

The Peranakan Arts Festival 2015 Ticketing Promotions

1. GALANITESOUT! @ $200 per package

Package includes 2 tickets to 2 shows and 2 post show parties with the cast and crew!

– Opening Night (Category A ticket) for PINTU PAGAR at Victoria Concert Hall on Wednesday, 4th November 2015

– Opening Night (Category A ticket) for BIBIKS BEHIND BARS, KENA AGAIN! at Victoria Theatre on Thursday, 5th November 2015

– After show party for PINTU PAGAR with canapés & cocktails on Wednesday, 4th November 2015

– After show party for BIBIKS BEHIND BARS, KENA AGAIN! with canapés & cocktails on Thursday, 5th November 2015

– Peranakan Festival Show Programme signed and autographed by the show directors

*Only 200 packages are available so book your tickets now at!

2. MATINEE MADNESS! @ $95 per package

Package includes 2 matinee shows PLUS post show discussion with Directors and cast! Details:

–  1x Category A matinee show ticket to PINTU PAGAR at Victoria Concert Hall

–  1 x Category A matinee show ticket to BIBIKS BEHIND BARS KENA AGAIN! at Victoria Theatre

–  After Show discussion with the directors and cast after the matinees

–  Peranakan Festival Show Programme signed and autographed by the show directors

– Choose from any 3 show matinees:

– Pintu Pagar Matinees: Friday @ 2:30pm show, Saturday & Sunday @ 11am matinee shows

– Bibiks Behind Bars, Kena Again Matinees : Friday, Saturday, Sunday @ 3pm matinee shows

All packages are available via

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