Fiji Must Do Activities For First Time Or Repeat Travellers

Taking a rejuvenating holiday does not necessarily have to break your bank. Introducing Fiji – the jewel of the Pacific, a must-visit destination on everyone’s bucket list. Consisting of 333 islands, the alluring Fiji archipelago offers endless lagoons, gently swaying palm trees and the most perfect blue stretching from sky to sea. You’d be spoiled for choice to find tranquil and breath-taking spots all around Fiji when you’re on a trip there.

Whether you are a first-timer or you’re planning a return to the beautiful islands of Fiji, there’s something for everyone that will either make you feel welcome, or ecstatic to be back in this tropical paradise. We’ve listed our top picks of activities for both newcomers and returning visitors, to introduce Fiji’s wonder and beauty as the ideal destination for a holiday! New to Fiji? Here’re some things you absolutely need to do while you’re there.

1. Fiji Must Do Activities – Beach Beckons!

Island-hopping is a must-do activity in Fiji. Fiji’s warm tropical climate translates into perfect beachside holidays all year round, offering a welcome respite away from your worries any time of the year. Pristine beaches, soft sand and towering palms frame crystal clear blue waters across Fiji’s multitude of islands, and there’s so much you can do – that you’re bound to find an island that’s perfect for yourself.

Photo by Holger Leue

Settle down for a relaxing time under a beach umbrella with your favourite book while basking in the sunshine and listening to the calming sounds of waves crashing onto the shore, or take an island cruise to navigate the turquoise blue waters in style. The island of Denarau has a range of brand resorts, tasty family-friendly restaurants and activities that will surely make your stay at Fiji the plushest it can be. If you’re more of a nature-lover, be sure to drop by Taveuni, Fiji’s renowned Garden Island to see lush jungles, gorgeous beaches, secluded waterfalls and abundant wildlife that highlights its natural wonder.

One must-do beachside activity is take a visit to the world’s first island beach club – Malamala Beach Club located on its very own island. Surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, with white beaches, a resort-style infinity pool, and a sweeping view of the Mamanuca Islands, Malamala Beach Club gives you the very best of island life coupled with delicious food and drinks. Located only 25 minutes away from Port Denarau, relax and soak in the atmosphere of the beach vibes.

2. Fiji Must Do Activities – Swim Among Fishes & Snorkel Reefs

While Fiji’s beaches are stunning, it’s not a secret that its most spectacular views are found under the sea. Often referred to as the soft coral capital of the world, the waters around Fiji are filled with tapestries of corals, shoals of multihued fishes and majestic sea creatures like manta rays and reef sharks. With over 1000 species of fish and several hundred types of coral and sponges nestled in its blue waters, Fiji offers a unique experience for snorkelling, diving and swimming amongst the fishes.

Photo by Ian Butterworth

Nukubati island is THE island on Fiji that brings you close to nature. Take a short boat ride out to the Great Sea Reef where you can peer at a kaleidoscope of corals and vivid marine life. Corals sit just below the surface within arm’s reach, letting you see, feel and touch them just cruising on the surface. The island is also well-known for snorkelling, which can be done at the Great Sea Reef, and in the shallow bays all around the island to soak in the beautiful views.

3. Fiji Must Do Activities – Peek Into Fijians’ Daily Lives On A Village Tour

Spending time in a traditional Fijian village is a must-do when you’re in Fiji – no doubt about it. Be it in the heartlands of the main island of Viti Levu, or far out across the sea on another remote island, a village visit hosted by Fijians will always make you feel welcome. There you will experience life at a different pace, to truly disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and connect with the locals. Fijians keep their tradition alive, so take a look into some of their customs to get acquainted with their culture, and dive deeper into the authentic Fijian way of life.

Village tours are a staple for any trip to Fiji, as each visit will give you a deeper glimpse into authentic Fijian culture. Take it a step further with a stay at the picturesque village of Navala,  nestled deep into the grassy mountains next to the Ba river further away from the bustle of the main town where the residents of the quaint village live in bures built with bamboo and timber. Take in the sights surrounding the village and enjoy a more secluded experience mingling with the Fijians, and taking part in more local activities like cooking or even coconut tree climbing.

Photo by Mark Snyder

4. Fiji Must Do Activities – Off The Beaten Track At Kadavu Island

Fiji doesn’t only have beaches, so if you’ve spent your previous trip basking in the sun on a warm sandy beach, it’s time for a complete change of scenery.

Delve deeper into Fiji’s more remote islands this time round, explore its wild side and channel your adventurous spirit. Escape modern life with a trip to the island of Kadavu, which is well-known for being largely isolated. One of the least developed islands in the archipelago, find unspoiled beauty in every nook and cranny away from the bustle of the crowd. With one town and very few roads, Kadavu lets you connect deeper with nature with its more remote activities such as rainforest treks and sea-kayaking in all its rugged glory, a truly untouched slice of paradise.

One other famous spot in Fiji that lets you see lush greenery and sloping valleys for miles around is the Nausori Highlands, which gives a glimpse of Fiji’s rugged interior that is rarely seen. Located deep in the heart of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu, the Nausori Highlands offers unparalleled views, complete with cascading waterfalls and sweeping scenery to make your trip to Fiji even more unique and memorable.

With all these activities, it’s so easy to explore the adventure and revel in Fiji’s natural beauty. No matter how long you’re there, or who you’ll visit Fiji with, it will surely promise and give a top-tier experience for your holiday.

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