7 Most Unique Places To Experience When You Visit Ireland

Traditional and landscaped, Ireland is also known as the Emerald Land for the beautiful green fields that cover the island’s countryside. Here you have the guarantee of a splendid air, a warm welcome and a perfect pint of dark beer (the famous Guinness). Dublin is a very popular city to visit, but to make the most of the uniqueness of the landscapes that Ireland has to offer, you will have to move a little further from the capital, but I assure you that it will be worth it. Aside from its lively capital, here are 7 of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland:


Located within the province of Munster lies County Kerry. The main city in this area is Tralee, but the most characteristic one is undoubtedly Killarney. The Killarney Lakes are an area of extraordinary natural beauty and can be visited within the mountainous Killarney National Park.

The Ring of Kerry (Iveragh Peninsula) is a mystical part of the country. It is ideal for outdoor activities especially cycling, golf, walking and water sports. At 110 miles from the capital, it is a long journey but offers an excellent opportunity to admire a wild nature that will remain in your heart.


Cork is the southernmost and largest county after Dublin of all Ireland, also located in the province of Munster. The area is also known as “The Rebel County” after Cork played a key role in the Irish War of Independence. Inside we find Ilnacullin (Garinish Island), which is a very popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty and its breathtaking landscapes.

Here you will find wonderful tropical plants, beautiful Italian gardens and the famous “Martello tower”. Animal lovers cannot help but visit ‘Fota Wildlife Park’: 70 acres of park different from the common zoos, in fact, all the animals roam freely here.


Kilkenny is a tourist town famous for its many pubs which have hosted many famous emerging British music groups over the years. If you are fond of a pint or two of beer, try taking a tour of the Smithwick brewery, it is an interesting visit to a city famous for its beer production.

In the centre of Kilkenny lies the large stone castle which has been a focal point of the city for over 800 years. The city is also important for its lively cultural scene, with the annual summer arts festival consisting of theatre, dance, literature, music and visual arts not to be missed.

In Kilkenny as in any other location, we are sure you will want to feel safe as a tourist.

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Galway is a medieval town on the west coast of Ireland, located on the Corrib River between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay. In 2007 it also received the title as one of the 8 sexiest cities in the world, Galway is also known for its ancient architecture and also for its arts and vibrant cultural scene.

One of the best ways to explore the area is by boat. Try the ‘Corrib Princess’ that leaves from Woodquay for a relaxing 90-minute cruise with a guide who will explain all the magical stories of this land to you. Just outside the city of Galway is Connemara National Park where you will find scenic mountains, vast expanses of swamps, heaths, forests and the famous Connemara ponies.

Giants Causeway

If you visit the County Antrim in Northern Ireland, you cannot miss the famous Giants Causeway – 40,000 natural basalt columns formed by an ancient volcanic eruption. The site has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and also as a national nature reserve.

An area surrounded by mythical tales, the most enduring being the legend of Finn McCool. The Irish giant Finn is said to have created the Causeway after an argument with the Scottish giant Fingal to shelter it.


Donegal is an exceptional county, with a very welcoming community and breathtaking landscapes. Many visitors choose Donegal as their favourite area in Ireland and the Irish themselves, often come to these places every year to relax and explore the beautiful natural surroundings of these areas.

One of the county’s treasures is Glenveagh National Park, which is perfect for outdoor activities such as walking and hiking or for fishing for salmon and trout, an attraction that attracts many fans of the genre every year.


Located in a glacial valley next to spectacular lakes of crystal clear water, Glendalough is truly beautiful and is right for all passionate landscape photographers. If you appreciate the history and architecture of the places instead, I recommend you visit the ancient two round towers of the Church of St Kevin and a ruined cathedral.

Nature lovers can instead take advantage of various tours and trails along with these lands. There are various routes proposed – the shorter ones for those looking for a pleasant walk or the 10 miles of hiking through the mountains for more serious hikers.


As you have seen, there are many places mentioned that are unique in Ireland. It is very important to evaluate a route that is well aimed at seeing these wonderful Irish heritage sites and we wish you the best of your travel experience.

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