3 Ways To Stream Your Favourite Sports On A Budget

As a devout sports fan, you love nothing more than watching a great game. In a perfect world, you would have unlimited funds to see as many basketballs, baseball, football and hockey games in person as possible, but as you know quite well, that’s not in your budget. Watching sports on cable or satellite TV can also be an expensive process; the special “NBA packages” and the like can cost around $200, and you are trying to cut the cable cord to save money. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can stream your favourite sports, all while staying within your budget.

Get sports apps for your phone

There are numerous apps that will allow you to stream sports right to the palm of your hand on your smartphone. For example, you can download the ESPN App at the iTunes store for free; the number one sports app in the market gives you live video and audio streaming across ESPN’s networks, as well as the latest news and scores. This way, you can take your love of sports on the go — or, if you are watching a game on TV at your buddy’s house, you can stream the second game on your phone.

To have the best connection possible on your smartphone, you’ll need a strong network connection with reliable 4G LTE. The award-winning network was built for unlimited streaming and its fast speeds will help ensure that your connection won’t conk out just as Steph Curry takes that game-winning three-pointer.

Look into Apple TV

If you prefer watching your favourite teams on a large TV screen, check out Apple TV. You can purchase the device for around $149 and then use its dedicated Sports section to stream sports events. The Sports section shows games and matches from sports around the world, all available for live viewing in sport-related apps for Apple TV. To make it as easy to use as possible, the games for teams that you follow will appear in your Up Next queue in the home screen, along with the current score on the carousel card. Using Apple TV to stream sports is easy; simply open the TV app, swipe up on your Apple TV remote, select the Sports tab and scroll through the list of available games to find the one you want to watch.

Check out Roku

If you have a reliable in-home internet connection, Roku is a great option. The Roku Streaming Sticks, which start at $29.99, connect right to your TV and offer a cost-effective way to watch your favourite sports teams in action. Roku features an extensive number of sports channels, including WatchESPN, which lets you stream live sports and shows from ESPN, MLB.TV which offers games live or on-demand, FOX Sports Go with its selection of live games, NHL for hockey fans and many more sports channels.

Being a sports fan does not have to be expensive

Watching your favourite sports teams square off against each other is a great way to spend time, especially after a long day. It is reassuring to know that you don’t have to shell out big bucks to stream a variety of sports; with a smartphone with a reliable connection and alternatives to cable that let you stream on your home TV, you can stay on top of all the action and scores.

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