Why A Family Dentist Is A Better Choice Than A Personal Dentist

The need for proper dental care has become well known in the twenty-first century, but the need for proper family care has been left to the wayside on more than one occasion. This tends to stem from getting a dentist for a child in the family or one of the adults without much forethought. The result is that one family can have a few different dentists to take care of everyone. In most families this appears to work out reasonably well, so why go through the bother of having just one for everyone?

There are several reasons as to why a family benefits from having a family dentist. The strange thing is that most families have a family doctor but they never really think of having a family dentist. The first reason why a family dentist is the better choice is also one of the most important: the dentist will know the whole family and not just one member if it. This is a familiarity that will last a lifetime. People can be a bit timid when it comes to seeing a dentist, and when one knows the whole family, he/she can better personalize their approach in attending to that member of the family.

The second advantage of having a family doctor is that they’re able to better pick up on issues that affect an entire family. Because they are experts across the board, they can also recognize when something like their wisdom teeth is a problem for multiple members of the family and will likely need to be removed. They’re also likely to recognize other patterns, allowing them to catch issues early. Not only can they see this across a family’s teeth, but they’ll also have the records to be able to compare in order to find things that might not be so easily detected. If they have the records of one family member who is prone to a dental issue, they will be able to look up the others to see if it’s something that others have.

It’s also easier for a family dentist to be able to keep parents of young children up-to-date when they’re already known to them. A dentist who knows the family, easily remembers the parents and can tell them everything they need to know in a tactful manner because they treat them as well and know how to approach them.

One family dentist also means that they are better able to access and deal with what is likely to be one family plan. The greater familiarity with a family plan, the better they are able to know what a person can and can’t receive in terms of dental work. They’re also more likely to be able to streamline the process, making it easier for a person to be reimbursed, and in some cases, the dentist may even be able to deal with the insurance company directly!

The other advantage of having a family dentist is that they are then likely to give you a family plan, allowing an expanded program that the entire family can take advantage of. In some cases, there are some dentists who even offer family rates for having their entire family giving them their business, as opposed to more than one.

In case of emergencies, where someone needs to be contacted right away, a dentist can react faster to these situations when they know the parents, personally. Instead of the information being on a form that a receptionist then has to pull out, they will likely know it offhand because they likely asked the parents personally who wanted to be the emergency contact. As a result, they will be able to access emergency information faster and might even know it off the top of their head!

Aside from all of the truly practical reasons why a family dentist is better than the alternatives is the simple matter of convenience. Juggling a list of dentists can be a hassle and having a single dentist means that a parent never has to remember which child went to which dentist for an appointment. This means fewer mix-ups and more successful visits.

Moreover, it is that family dentist who will have that staff where everyone gets to know parents, children, and perhaps even grandchildren. It’s that familiarity that results in warm, welcoming smiles where a person feels like their dentist and his/her staff aren’t just professionals but friends who grow close enough to them to be cherished people in their lives.

So, a family dentist and their staff aren’t just people who will make a person feel safe about putting their dental care into their good hands, it’s also a great way to build up a good, working relationship with a group of people to last a lifetime!

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