Everything You Need To Know About Koozies

Koozies are accessories used to keep your cans or bottles safe. It can also be called can cooler, beer hugger, beer hugger, coolie, insulated can holder, and a lot more words with similar meaning to koozie. It serves as an insulator. Most people tend to use it on coffee cups or tea cups so that the heat will stay in. It is not only designed for hot drinks, but it can be used for cold drinks to maintain their temperature. It has a cylindrical shape which covers the bottle or cup entirely from top to bottom. Koozies can come in different sizes with variant designs. There is no limit put on you when you are choosing a koozie for your need.

Who invented koozies?

We cannot be sure as to who invented koozies. Although we can be certain that they were brought into being in the 19th century. Some people claim that koozies were first found by a group of people going to the beach where they had to keep their drinks cold.

While other people think koozies were invented long back where things were kept cosy using a piece of cloth. These clothes were made from insulating materials. Later on, it was updated to be as koozies.

Uses of koozies

The most prominent use of a koozie is to be wrapped around bottles to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. But, there are some more uses of this product. What are they? Below you will find some alternative uses of koozies if you have them in an extra amount. Let us have a look.

– You can use a koozie to keep light bulbs in it. Since koozies are made from a harder material, it will keep the light bulbs safe from breaking.

– You may also use a koozie when you are sketching or drawing. Usually, a sketch smudges when your hand slides through it. You can wear a koozie in your hand while drawing so your sketch will not be smudged no matter how many times you slide your hand on it.

– If you have a DSLR, then you can keep its lens in a koozie. As said before, it is made from a harder material which is why your lens will be kept safe.

– Lastly, girls must be aware of their tiny earrings being lost now and then. If you have an extra koozie, you can pin your earrings on it to be at a safer place than before. You will not be losing your tiny earring anymore.

Finally, we must tell you that you are not restricted to buy some old fashioned koozie. People who are interested in keeping their drinks at a convenient temperature, they can order koozies of their choice. You can get it customised. You can go for the custom koozies for making a suitable koozie for yourself. Do not worry; these are usually not expensive to buy. They are cheap and affordable. Pick the best koozie for your next drink!

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