Entertainment & Party Places To Visit In Toronto, Canada

Big city Toronto is logically the best place for you to go and party in Canada. Diverse entertainment content, pleasant atmosphere and the fact that local entrepreneurs are following global trends, makes for a great night out. It is indeed a city where even the most demanding customers can be satisfied and where everyone can find something for themselves.

Chilling Out At D.W.Alexander Toronto Canada - AspirantSG

Toronto is big on industries. Originally a settlement for French and English traders, the settlement prospered into a big industrial city. Given numerous workers in factories all over Toronto, the need for means of relaxation arose. Answering to the call, many drinkeries were established. Probably the drinkery with the longest tradition, Toronto’s bar D.W. Alexander is a lavishing bar for people to come and enjoy a cocktail or two.

D.W.Alexander Entrance Toronto Canada - AspirantSG

Located in the center of the city, this drinking hole is well renowned among local population and tourists alike. Its lovely ambiance will make you a regular visitor in no time.

D.W.Alexander Interior Toronto Canada - AspirantSG

Toronto is also famous for hosting one of the world’s greatest and most popular film festivals. Since 1978, the Toronto International Film Festival has brought to fame many Oscar or globally acclaimed movies. It also propelled the careers of numerous outstanding actors and directors in the country.

Toronto International Film Festival Canada - AspirantSG

What is Canada without hockey? Right in the center of the city, there is a Hockey Hall of Fame which serves as a ice hockey museum pays homage to all the sportsmen and clubs that played this game. A committee consisting of 18 members come together to select candidates to be included as honorees within its halls.

Hockey Hall of Fame Toronto Canada - AspirantSG

Toronto offers a great number of clubs and lounges. You get to enjoy great variety of themes and experience a range of music genres across its night life. Other than D.W. Alexander, there are many different cocktail bars that showcase Canadian ingenuity in the best way possible.

D.W.Alexander Mixers Toronto Canada - AspirantSG

With most of the happenings and events within the city center, Toronto has great cultural diversity that is exemplified within its bar and restaurant offerings. If you adore long nights of clubbing, you are going to be spoilt for choices from rock and jazz bands to different European DJ’s.

DW Alexander Drinks Toronto Canada - AspirantSG

If you wish to visit someplace exotic, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a tropic island in the middle of the Pacific. A visit to Toronto in Canada may just do the trick.

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