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These days there are simply too many consumer review portals in our online space. Most of them are over populated with sparse info and low update cycle. In fact, some of these online content are at times questionable due to lack of user’s background. Thankfully, the good folks at Ehbuzz came up with an authentic one-stop guide that introduces trending digital buzzes and the most raved gourmet, beauty and fashion outlets. Other than obtaining valuable insights from fellow consumers, you also get to earn points, badges and redeem rewards through gamification! Follow us as we check out this brand new community!

To get started, you have to sign up as a member on You can simply register using Facebook or sign up using your email address. After that is done, you get to select your preferred category – Gourmet, Beauty or Fashion.

At the moment, only the Gourmet category is available. Upon registration, we are officially granted the title of Gourmet Hunter and can commence on our hunting adventure!

Here’s how it works. All Gourmet Hunters get to introduce a Gourmet Outlet that they have patronised. You will be able to upload photos of the outlet and share details such as address, price range etc.

Buzz details is where the fun part begins. You can get to experience being a food influencer by offering ratings and writing a review on your recent experience at the outlet. You can go ahead and give your most honest feedback!

Through contributing reviews, you get to complete missions, level up with experience points as well as gain unique and special badges along the way. As you rise up the ranks, you will be recognised by the community as leading contributors of trending buzz.

The badges you earn will be testaments of your contributions and achievements!

Wait no more. Visit now and start hunting.

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