Egypt Tours Packages: Fun Things To Do While On A Holiday

Egypt, one of the oldest travel destinations in the world, is an amazing place to visit during a holiday. Home to one of the very first civilizations to have existed on this face of the planet, Egypt has become a popular vacation spot over the recent years, so much so that it received more than nine million tourists in 2018. This country has a lot more to offer aside from its rich history. Here, you’ll also get to brush elbows with some of the warmest people and taste exquisite food your palate could probably never forget.

If you’re planning to visit this marvelous location soon, coming up with  a travel itinerary can be quite stressful. So, to make sure that you and your family will have the best time of your lives, you may book one of those Egypt tours packages for a smooth and worry-free trip. These usually include the best Egyptian attractions and activities that you can marvel at and participate in, respectively. A tour package would also be perfect if you’re only going to be in Egypt for a limited period of time; they can manage your schedule for you.

Below is a list of fun things you can do while on a holiday vacation in Egypt:

1. Visit The Giza Necropolis

Whether or not you are a history buff, the Giza Necropolis should be in your bucket list. The infamous pyramids you can find here were built thousands of years ago without modern equipment, and the fact that they have been able to preserve their beauty and strength will leave you in awe. Also, visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World while riding a camel is  a fun thing to do, right?

2. Go Trekking At Mt. Sinai

Whether Moses indeed received the 10 Commandments there or not, traversing the rocky ground of Mt. Sinai is definitely one of the best things to do in Egypt. If you want to do something challenging and thrilling, this activity is a must. Also, in doing so, you’ll get to enjoy Egypt more, especially after witnessing the country’s amazing sunset and panoramic views.

3. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane In Cairo

The buzzing capital is home to some of the most gorgeous monuments, museums, and architecture you will ever lay eyes on. Get to see real mummies up close, old books, and old temples. Cairo is a great shopping spot as well!  Also, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about  their rich history, culture, and heritage. To make sure that you get to experience this place while in Egypt, go check out Egypt Tours Plus.

4. Experience The Life Of Ancient Royals In Luxor

Luxor is considered as the perfect combination of modern life and nature (lush green lands). This city is regarded as an open-air museum and gateway to witnessing the Egyptian kings’ and queens’ residence, the Valley of the Kings. Located on the east bank of the Nile River, you may eat some delicious local food while on a boat during your visit to this glorious destination.

5. Go Diving In Hurghada

Hurghada is a shoreline filled with over 100 hotels, not to mention stunning views, crystal clear waters, abundant marine life, and white sand. This tourist destination is located next to the Red Sea and is one of the most visited places in Egypt. During the summer, this is a perfect location to beat the heat, as well as to go snorkeling, swimming, or diving. You may also opt to have some alone time and relax by the bay if you want.

6. Roam Around Alexandria

Founded by Alexander The Great, the leading port and transport hub of Egypt is packed with well-preserved cultural attractions, giving you a wonderful glimpse of Egypt’s ancient life. Here, you get to see old buildings, ruins, and libraries.

7. Explore Dashur

Located near the Nile River, this hidden gem would be a great choice if you are not a fan of crowded and congested places. It may be less popular  than the Giza Necropolis, but is still filled with majestic pyramids (although smaller).


With its rich history and awe-inspiring structures, Egypt is, without a doubt, an ideal location for spending a holiday. No wonder a lot of travelers, history nerds or not, dream of visiting this place. This list of stunning attractions and fun activities doesn’t even comprise half of what this country has to offer. It’s safe to say that you will never really know what Egypt truly is until you set foot on its land. So, why not explore this one out and see for yourself how diverse its beauty is?

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