Education UK Exhibition 2014 – Let’s Shine With A UK Education

Are you at the crossroad of your educational journey or career?  Singaporeans today enjoy a wide variety of choices when it comes to pursuing higher education for personal development or career advancement. Instead of following the herd mentality and going with the local education options, it may be a good idea to check out British Council’s Education UK Exhibition 2014 for pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes on 15 March 2014.

British Council UK Education Exhibition

Why Study In The United Kingdom? 

The United Kingdom is a country with a wealth of opportunities for international students. The country is well connected to the rest of the world. With daily flights from international airports to major UK cities, you are never too far away from your family in Singapore.

Gain Exposure And Independence

One of the key advantages of studying outside Singapore is that you get to be exposed to different cultures and have new experiences. The UK has embraced people from all over the world and is a vibrant multicultural place. This broader, more international perspective that you gain through interactions with others from around the world will also be a valuable attribute that is attractive to employers worldwide.

During study breaks, you get the opportunity to roam, the ease of travelling around the UK and Europe becomes a wonderful perk. The UK is the birthplace of train travel! The British Rail can take you to almost any city, town or village and some railway lines can be incredibly scenic. Europe is also just a stone throw away with hundreds of affordable options such Eurostar or low-cost airline hubs. Plus with UK Student ID & International Student Identification Card, you get to enjoy attractive deals across UK & Europe.

If you have never been away from the family, here’s a great opportunity to learn and prove your independence. There goes the apron string!

World Class Education For Dream Careers

British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation. The UK undertakes 5 per cent of the world’s scientific research and produces 14 per cent of the world’s most frequently cited papers.

UK courses also provide you with the skills, qualifications and connections required for your future career.  In the recently released 2013/14 QS World University Rankings, the UK took five of the top ten spots in the category of “Employer Reputation”. Employers value UK qualifications because of their focus on skills for the workplace.

It is good to know that many UK courses are designed in partnership with businesses and industry and taught by industry professionals so that students can gain experience relevant for their future career. Some courses may also include internship or work placement as part of the study programme.

Perfect English Language The Fun Way

Although Singlish has become a badge of identity for many Singaporeans, we should strive to perfect our English for official interactions in the workplace.

UK is the true home of the English language. As you learn, live and play in the UK, you will be surrounded by native speakers and have the chance to practice the language in real-life situations. Your command of the Queen’s English will improve enormously in a short span of time.

Get great value for money

UK higher education courses are generally shorter than in other countries too. For example, full-time bachelor’s degrees typically last three years (compared to four years or more in many countries), and many full-time master’s degrees last just one year. This saves you money on annual fees, plus it means you can graduate and start earning sooner.

In addition, if you want a UK qualification but don’t want to leave your home, you could also think about doing one of the courses offered through the education institutions here in Singapore. Considering you will be staying at home, that should save some of the living costs.

Come Visit Education UK Exhibition 2014

If you or your loved ones wish to study in the UK, or prefer to attain a UK qualification in Singapore, the Education UK Exhibition 2014 is an event that your family should not miss.

Education UK Exhibition 2014 boasts to be the largest UK education fair in Singapore this year with 64 exhibitors and 20 seminars. Come and chat with representatives from UK universities such as Bristol, Manchester, Warwick, to find out more about the courses offered and their respective entry requirements.

British Council UK Education Exhibition Application - AspirantSG

A rep from UCAS is also around to answer your questions about the application process for undergraduate programmes in the UK. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 10.18.39 AM

You can also learn about local options with institutions like PSB Academy.

PSB Academy

Make full use of the series of seminars running throughout the day to obtain valuable information and tips on studying in the UK. The topics covered include UCAS application process, student visas, finances, insights on various subjects.

British Council UK Education Exhibition Seminars - AspirantSG

While you are there, remember to find out about various scholarships and awards that will contribute to your tuition fees in the UK, including the British Council IELTS 25th Anniversary Scholarships 2014. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of IELTS, the British Council will award the top 3 scholars in the East Asia region with a bond-free scholarship of £25,000 each. Additionally, 3 local scholarships will be offered to the best applicants in Singapore, each worth £2,500. The application deadline ends on 31 May 2014, hurry apply now!

British Council IELTS Scholarship - AspirantSG

Last but not least, this is one of the best time for you to meet and get to know like-minded friends who may eventually be your course mates in UK!

Study In UK Exhibition Course Mates - AspirantSG

Besides getting all the mind-boggling information, there are lots of fun things happening at the exhibition too. All visitors will get a copy of Studying in the UK Brochure and COHORT magazine which share information on transnational education in an eco bag. Visitors are also eligible for the exhibition lucky draw and stand a chance to win attractive shopping vouchers. You are also encouraged to tag #EdUKSG for all social posts while you are at the event.

Register Your Interest Now! 

Visitors who RSVP in advance enjoy a faster entry into the exhibition without the hassle of onsite registration and stand a chance to win attractive Education UK T-shirts.

Look out for an Instagram contest at the exhibition and stand a chance to win an iPad Mini with Retina display!

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We look forward to see you there!

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