A Guide To Creating A Successful E-scooter App Like A Pro

People often wonder if it’s worth the efforts to create electric scooter mobile application. E-scooter business does involve a whole lot of set up and the mobile app is a major part of it. To make it even more precise, we can say that an e-scooter app is the core element of the e-scooter business. It may seem easy but to create electric scooter application there are some factors you need to consider. We will discuss those factors in this blog.

E-scooter features

E-scooter app does not need many features but the ones it needs are quite unique. Your startup needs to be prepared for the market and the target audience. The features that your e-scooter app must have are:

  • QR code
    Adding a QR code to the app will allow users to easily scan the code on the bike so that booking them becomes easy. This QR scanning codes can be used for other purposes as well. Users can scan the QR code to lock the bike or make any changes in their booking. The code also helps in better assigning the bikes as there will be no confusion.

  • Scooter locator
    If the e-scooter app has the facility to locate the scooter with just a few clicks that it becomes really easy for users. The minimum of clicks used to book the e-scooter makes the overall user experience much better. The app should also be able to locate scooters faster and efficiently and book them with just a click.

  • Push notifications
    Push notifications are a great way of alerting users about important things. The notifications can be used to communicate things to a large audience immediately. E-scooter apps can send push notifications to users about offers, discounts, balance in the wallet, etc. The users can also be notified about the start and finish of a ride or about a nearby e-scooter. Push notifications are a great way of engaging the users with the app and making them revisit the app.

  • User feedback option
    The feedback users provide are a great way to make improvements in your app. It is not limited to app though, you can also take their feedback to meet the needs of the users. Feedbacks usually have a different section in the app so that users can easily find it. These reviews also help you in acquiring more customers and building a greater user base.

  • Ride history
    Users love to keep a track about the rides they have taken so far. Having the feature to view the history of rides is a great way to keep the users engaged. The ride history should include the date, time and distance of travel. This will be more convenient for the users when they are checking the history. The ride history can also include the amount paid by the user and the amount left in the user’s wallet.

The UI/UX of the app

There is no doubt about the fact that users are attracted to the app because of its visual appearance. The visual of the app or the UI/UX design of an app is what enhances the user experience of an app. When a user is interacting with your app then they should be able to feel the app as well as be visually appealed. If you are going iOS app development then the visuals matter even more since iOS apps have high-quality UI. However, the designs should not be complex as it can confuse the users.

Solve a real problem

Unless and until your app is solving a real problem on the industry level, you will have a hard time topping the charts. An app that is successful always has a great solution for a huge problem and that is how they acquire customers. You are creating an app which is costing you a healthy amount so make sure it has long term vision.

Competitive edge

There are many e-scooter businesses already in the market so making an app that has a great USP and offers something more than what other similar businesses are. The cost of app development very much affects the type of app is being built. So if you are spending a good amount then make sure your app is good enough and has a competitive edge.

Hassle-free payment

E-scooter app needs a payment gateway so that users can easily pay with virtual money. There is no human involvement other than the users themselves, so, payment is made online with cards or e-wallets. For the same reason, the payment should be hassle free for the users. Failing to make a hassle-free payment gateway will result in declining numbers of users.

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