How To Have A Dream Wedding On A Budget

The very special day of your life is approaching, and here you are wondering what to wear or who are those people that you want to put on the guest list. We know that planning a wedding is overwhelming especially when we think of the costs. However, not all couples get the chance to have abundant financial resources. Some of them struggled to save money to save my marriage for the event.

Having the grandest wedding in an expensive venue and hundreds of guests to witness that vow is impractical.  It is not also good to say that your happiness will only reign during that solemn moment because after that, you’ve been working night and day to pay for the money that you just use for a day of celebration.

Although that special day will only happen once in a lifetime, you should still remember that after that, you still need to fulfil a series of financial obligations. Furthermore, you also need to save money for the family that you are going to build.

So, it is essential to plan on how to make that celebration special without forcing yourself to spend too much. Stop pressuring yourself. Instead, try these practical ways as you get started on the process.

Apply for a savings account intended for your wedding budget only

It can sometimes be tempting to use the money intended for your wedding if you only put it in your wallet. You and your partner could talk about opening a savings account and start saving at least a year before the date of the wedding.

Make sure that both of you have goals on how much should be added to the bank account every time you receive your salary. Nowadays, it is already common that both couples do the investment instead of the husband doing it alone. It is a matter of how each one of you understands your goals and implements your plans together.

Save your tax refund

Since you have a year ahead to prepare, one or both of you may still receive the chance to receive his or her tax refund. Instead of buying unnecessary things, set aside that amount to your planned wedding so it can at least ease the process of saving.

Choose a cheaper venue

You can save a few amounts when you both choose a venue that won’t cost you almost equivalent to your one-month salary. This time, you can use your creativity if you have a tight budget. Have you thought of choosing your home as a reception venue instead of renting a restaurant, resort, or convention space? You may find some design ideas from DIY videos and try to decorate your home.

Try to rent or borrow

Instead of buying new chairs, tables, and anything that you can let the guests use, try to check the prices of renting these tools. Also, don’t forget to compare the rental fees from different vendors so that you have options that you can match with your budget.

Use wedding invitation templates

The online world has plenty of resources for people seeking cost-effective invitation cards. It is also a great way to use templates and customize them to match your taste. You don’t have to hire a professional card maker just to come up with a beautiful invitation card. The internet has tools for you and the finished designs found there are also printable.

Tight on cash? Get a loan only from a licensed lender

Should you need additional cash to cover additional expenses, it is best to get a loan from a licensed lender (see These lenders are reputable companies which offer affordable short-term instant loans. Make sure that you choose the most flexible payment term that you can confidently meet.

Have someone from the member of the family to photograph you

People nowadays invest in a high-quality camera or device that they can use for photography. If they were able to produce an “instagrammable” photo that seems to have been captured by a professional photographer, why not take advantage of this talent and use it on your wedding?

Most devices we have today have extensive features that can be used to edit the images and put some effects on it. Try to approach one member of your family to take photos so that you can save money from hiring a pro.

Think about your wedding, not the others

Many couples feel overwhelmed by the budget as they plan their wedding. It is because some like to compete with the others although they can’t afford. It is not wrong to check some wedding catalogs, but you have to use it for inspiration.

Ask yourself why do you want to marry. If you know the answer, then reflect the things that you should do to show that you are genuine with your purpose. Stick with your priorities, and you will get the courage to control yourself to spend too much, set a goal, and implement your plans together.

The special moment between you and your partner is still what matters. It’s not what people expect to see or eat when they are going to attend. Make it “your day” and do it your way. It’s the memories that you have to cherish in the future that you should put first.

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