Hands-on Dr Zubin Medora working with HAND in East Java

We met with Dr Zubin Medora this time round virtually via a Video Conferencing platform, due to the Circuit Breaker measures here in relation to the COVID-19 situation; away from the comforts of his clinic at Camden Medical Centre. 

Whilst it may not be common for anyone to say that they missed visiting a medical clinic, we must say that the ambience and surroundings within Dr Zubin Medora’s clinic was so calming when we last visited him there; in fact it did not feel like a medical clinic where many surgeries have taken place!

We started by asking him of his thoughts and memories of the Humanitarian Medical Mission which he and four other doctors from Singapore participated in July 2019 in Nganjuk (East Java); to carry out a free consultation and medical treatment (where possible) to the villagers and farmers of Nganjuk, East Java (Indonesia).

Dr Zubin Medora’s immediate response was that whilst he vividly remembers the hospitality of the host village and the warmth of those who turned up for consultation and treatment as well as how appreciative they were, his immediate concern turned to their health and well-being in the current COVID-19 pandemic, given their lack of access to medical facilities.

As a General Medical Practitioner with a Special Interest in Aesthetic Medicine, Practical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, and fluency in Bahasa Indonesia; Dr Zubin Medora was able to effectively communicate with the patients who attended the medical centre in aid of the humanitarian mission over the 4-day period.

Nganjuk is the administrative centre for the Nganjuk regency of East Java Province, Indonesia. The regency has a population of just over a million residents. Recounting his experience during the 4-day mission, “Common ailments seen were cataract, skin diseases, thyroid lumps, malnutrition, and agricultural work related illnesses”, said Dr Zubin Medora.

The doctors and the allied health professionals, assisted by the local medical team also carried out general health checks as well as delivered informational talks on healthcare and general health well-being. Simple surgeries were also performed onsite, including a surgery performed for an eye tumour. The doctors who volunteered paid for their own expenses, and for Dr Zubin Medora it was his own way of giving back to a community in desperate need.

Dr Zubin Medora, Special Interest in Aesthetic Medicine, Practical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery practices at 1 Orchard Boulevard, #03-08, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore Telephone: 6836 6035

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