Do Singaporeans & Malaysians Choose Travel Based On Food?

A quick poll of 300 Singaporean and Malaysian holiday makers conducted by Wego revealed that close to 60% choose their travel destinations based on local food experiences. From the statistics, it is clear that Singaporean and Malaysian men consider food a critical and significant part of the overall travel experience. Food however did not make a difference to 74% of women surveyed.

Age also play a part when it comes to food tourism. Almost all of those over the age of 35 shared that they would select their holiday based on the local food options available. The food element however is not as strong for travellers under the age of 34 years old.

The survey also presented the top culinary destination choices in order of preference: Thailand, followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Europe.

If you are a Singaporean or Malaysian reading the infographic, do you agree with the poll statistics?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Do Singaporeans and Malaysians make travel decisions based on Food? - AspirantSG

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